HPD-Historyonic Personality Disorder


We’re all imbued with HPD, make the best of it. After all, even as history and hysterical march onward together hand in hand, like lemmings to the sea, leaving even the most temporarily celebrated of us long dead, cremated, flown, blown and dispersed, like common stars, there are more of them than grains of sand on all the beaches in our world, you know?

If stars can be so commonplace then certainly, we, as lonely billions can stand out and up while we can, in gods flighty hand, we will be replaced,

By the ticking sands of time, only momentarily remembered by others dreams and awakening crimes.


There’s not a nation in the world in which you can loudly criticize the government, including this one, my country tis of thee, America is my country, my stamps prove it. I get the proofs before i open my eyes,

Imagine it, i am stamped, "grade a prime us merican citizen material (provided i pass the gender, race, class, and immigration tests with high marks). SATISFACTORY! 

I am a veteran yet no matter how loud i protest, i can do nothing to change my country's imperial designs.

I am impotent, unable to stop my country's long, historical march toward promotion of war.

So long sen sanders. Your generic “Israel has a right to defend itself”, put you back on the shelf of all settler mentality

I want to ask democratic liberals who once again will be/ are faced with the so called a democratic choice DILEMNA of a fascist like trump and an always on the fascist cusp like biden. Will you once again try to elect the closeted democrat simply because it’s the lessor of two evils. 

When does democracy begin, anyhow? 

Welcome people to the historyonics of america. From the institution of slavery, to wounded knee, to the trail of tears, to the assassinations of king, malcolm, kennedys, the acceptance of apartheid, segregation, lynching, and the wars of attrition, of revenge, the lies that proceeded them.

And the god almighty refrain, “We have the right to defend ourselves.”

Let’s see how far our government is willing to go for the sake of MONEY?

But don’t wait for it.

Vote No!


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