Fbi spy

News feb 2023

If anyone thought the fbi stopped spying on activists after their destruction of the black panther party and anti war activists or after the chief henchman- j edgar hoover-not gonna happen, never happened. Now the fbi has raised its ugly head in the black lives matter and if you think thats all they spied on, never gonna happen, never happened.

Theyre out there, watching, taking notes.

And if you think those notes are never going to be used, then you are mistaken.

The government is watching, always watching, and always has been.

Like racism, domestic surveillance can be taken for granted.

Are there any courageous cops? It appears not. The corruption in policing extends beyond its community violent, gangster mentality.

Modern Policing as well as modern gunman mentality comes out of southern militia patrolling and trolling for escaping slaves and family values. Later, the police became first line defense for political corruption, mafia and gang influence, and almost completely immune from judicial review.

In other words, policing institutions, like racist, economic institutions, are exempt from any real public oversight or criticism.

They are not free of the already institutionalized codes of conduct or ethics established by the status quo.  They are servants of the law of the day, no matter whether any law is morally or humanely right or wrong.

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