God's Special Little Beast


God’s Special Little Beast

Karl Marx was probably a genius, as Charles Darwin probably was also. Anyone who can go against the mistaken assumptions of what was current popular trends has to either be a genius or a fool or both.

So here I go, being foolish or a genius, but certainly not trendy.

Marx and social thinkers like him, including anarchists all made the mistake, continue to make the mistake of assuming that consciousness (or knowledge) overcomes the time constraints of evolution. Evolution, on the other hand, doesn't involve itself with time. It's purely opportunistic and has no particular end game in mind, no preserving of the human race because it is chosen or thinks it is. Humans like to believe we have some special purpose, after all, why are we here and since we seem to be the only species that asks itself that, or tells itself it has some special significance, we conclude it must be because of a god’s preference or because we have a special purpose. Unfortunately, that prospect has no proof whatsoever and is only substantiated because religionists and nationalists give credence to it and incorporate it into their social, cultural, and economic institutions.

We are aware of what Mother Nature can provide or can take away and what we, ourselves, can do for ourselves and create through technology. We can believe we're capable of doing anything, at least, only within the societies that foster that notion because right now most modern civilized societies feel they can guarantee the future, so those who are relatively comfortable can and want to believe it must be true because they can see the damage that Mother Nature brings down in societies which struggle to recover from any disaster. If everything was left to the whims of Mother Nature that would probably be true, but unfortunately, there are societies which create their own chaos by believing in some sort of religious or political destiny or fate for their way of thinking. Thus, one group of humans create scarcity, genocide, chaos on other societies without Mother Nature lifting a stormy finger.

That's the part of evolution, our evolution we can't ignore. Neither can Marx nor Darwin nor the Pope. 

 Of course, there are millions of like-minded people who don't just accept anything they were taught. Sometimes their resistance is "intuitive' and sometimes it's historical, where they just know from experience what is lies from what is accepted truth.

The problem is with Marx or with Darwin, everything falls back on some form of magical realism, such as a dictatorship of proletariat or simply the theory of evolution itself changes over time toward some sort of prophesized perfection but evolution never creates perfection because Darwin is right that the weak won't survive simply because they are in a time and place that does not suit them. In another time and another place, it may be different. 

Religions rely on the notion that no matter what, God will take care of us, but in all honesty have you ever seen anyone, except extremists, rely on God's will. It's impossible. Religions and nations soley rely on the premise that it isn't prayer that saves us, but superior armies? All theories end up sounding like another version of the apocalypse or of the human supremacy theory most religions foster. If we apply proper evolution to Marxian revolution we're probably being more accurate in our assumptions about how the future will look, in human terms. 

There can never be a perfect society that continually "progresses" without limits imposed on population growth, resource management, instilling co-operation between all members of the species. On the other hand, social theory cannot create a perfect society any more than evolution can create the perfect human being to manage all that perfection. Most of the current charlatans, called politicians, generals, and preachers understand this so are constantly reminding us that until the day comes (which it never will, as they well know), we should rely on them to keep it sorted out for us. It's like inviting a tiger into your home and family to maintain order.

Humans have already bypassed the opportunity to live in a sort of paradise which the Earth is but living in an environment that is both sustaining (benevolent) and dangerous(contradictory) but then again, A paradise which also has the dire wolf, the cold, the hot, the waterless places, the ever- changing world is a living maze of survival tactics.

The truth is, we’ve replaced illusions about security, safety, even normalcy in the hands of people who care little about the future of society in general and who only care about their own well-being.

Truly, a people of survival of the fittest. All the great philosophies have assumed the that all greatness comes from some sort of benevolent, authoritarian personalities and moved rapidly away from the belief we “are all god’s children.” All bastards of luck, chance, and whimsical contradiction is what we are.

We can’t go back to where we (humans) were, back to before societies were over run by brute force, shoved off lands people grew up on, the little paradises where humans had carved out their niches, their places that had meaning. In just fifty years I hardly recognize Sacramento. Change is not necessarily good. In fact, the only thing one can say about change is it happens, that’s all.

Our social, cultural memories have been consistently washed away. We’ve made the old saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt” a normalcy, all we’re left with is a form of nostalgia about our past. All the social media venues continually expose the fact we have to all keep moving en masse through time, pushing and shoving, trying to keep up, forward we must go, hardly looking back, fearing if we do we will turn into a worthless pillar of salt. Yet, those in front, those who have chosen to lead us, are as fearful and blind to what’s ahead as we are but cannot stop, like lemmings we eventually will reach the cliffs edge.


The future could be a tremendous bust.


If the rational mind is merely the culmination of a new type of teeth and claws then evolution doesn’t lead us anywhere. Even the most skeptical among us has to understand that whetyher or not it was given to us or we transformed into it, we can think our way out of extinction, but we better put away the guns first.


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