My Debunking


Sometimes i think its my sole purpose in life to debunk commonly held beliefs. It does take a certain amount of arrogance, i suppose, to do this but i also think that its those commonly held, yet unproven, beliefs are what hold us back from, not only self-realizations about the world we each live in and for, but also which keep us as human beings from ever understanding the dire dilemna we are in.

Take for instance, the belief that good overcomes evil. This belief is riddled with the rapid fire of religious and spiritual hope, more or less, justified when common people had, and continue to have, one recourse and shelter from the onslaught of Men's ability to usurp the collective spirit of hope and turn it into their own pleasure-greed, power, domination-and convert the power of a just and omniescient god into the cynicism of violence without repercussions.

When i was a young man i read Exodus, the story of the fight for the state of israel. The story was the gallant and heroic epic of the men and women who helped realize the state of israel.

It always seems to be that those who fight for freedom tend to, once accomplished, turn the screws on freedom in order to preserve the underlying lie freedom hides.

Leon Uris didnt say much in the course of his novel about the lie behind the fight, the lie being that the heroic men and women who believed god was on their side and that lie is the basis of all men's justifications for violence and retaining power.

It's apparent that jews as well as christians and every other religion and sect don't rely on god to save anyone anymore, there is only faith in military might, might makes right and what they believe meets god's approval, rather than the wasteful nature of prayer and patience to get what you want. Why wait for prayer when anyone can get what they want, when they want it?


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