A good christian man

Pat robertson- rih

He moved us ever closer to the apocalypse, a true apocalypse man, full of hate and the glory of the gold purse.

Worship the homeless because they have given up everything except collecting the refuse of the middle class and like a pack rat, stack it around them, like the masses do their armies.

When the fight comes to them they will fight like hell, like from the alamo, and the young ideologues will return home to the type of living their criticism of their childhood has forsaken.

It will all crumble but not before it takes alot more down with it, like the drowning nation will grab unto alot of straw dogs to stay afloat and the lifeboats, yeah, the lifeboats, youll be hard pressed to find one.

There'll be standing on the deck, waving white flags, crying for help, as even the upper decks go under, nice mahagony decks and all.

Its the titanic were on. Pat robertson was the captain, praying that there isnt an iceberg out there.

I wish everybody would stop praying because it just aint working. It doesnt stop the guns, doesnt stop the tragedy from happening.

In my era we thought having precognition or fortune telling or astrology or/and premature ejaculation could tell us something about the future but, boy, were we wrong.

Then we lived off deja vue for a long time. 

I guess Pat Robertson could have been right about debunking some of that stuff but, still, he was so wrong about everything at the wrong time.

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