The carceral society

Carceral society

There is an argument to be made about the inability of our society to come to resolvable terms with the insane nation we have become. 

Over time we became the nation with the most incarcerated people of the world, a fact seeming forgotten by amnesty international to try and put a spin on much poorer nations incapable of eliminating their poverty and inequality, by giving the richest nation, thats what they tell us anyway, a pass.

Yet, the inability of a nation with such high idealistic goals has rurned into a nation of an open insane asylum where mental cases ( defined as overzealous protectors of "freedom", act freely to disrupt, murder, confuse, commit violence.

What about the homeless?, you might ask. The homeless are just the 

Eye of the storm, the maelstrom, the prometheum task upon which all our ideals are wrecked, much like slavery, indigenous genocide, segrgation, war, all have, at one time, been and continue to be, thorns in the asylums side.

A carceral society is one that attempts to contain rather than cure the ills of society. Of course, violence, war, corruption, disintegration of basic beliefs in institutional authoritiy are all contributors to this breakdown. 

The homeless themselves, like institutional prisoners, represent all the ills of any society. The enormous collection of trash, out of desperation the occupation of space, resources, visibility are basic survival necessities.

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