The futility of intellect

The futility of intellect is one of the built in institutionalized limits of actual ideas bring together change, especially social change.

Those smart people who write big tomes about race, such as Stamped from the Beginning or the Climate Change Book cant realize the almost impossibility of figuring out that there is no intellectual or literary nor visual effect striking enough to be able to change anyones mind, especially those who are racist or climate change deniers or whatever it is that holds them hostage.

It would take a particular type of person who cant imagine what the life of a slave could have been like, much less, read a book such as stamped from the beginning, and not say, yes, it has always been that way. It would take another type of person who watches the crops being ruined by drought, or the rivers flood their home and just say, "but for the grace of god, go i" or just having a streak of bad luck, or not being able to see through smoke and fire more than a quarter mile away.

Yet, its those particular sorts of people who control the machinery, both mechanical and social, to resolve the issues that plague us. And speaking of plague, why is it the victims of such an epidemic, must suffer the nonchalance of those who creatE the conditions for the disasters, because surely all we have to do is look around us and see that the worst consequences are reserved for those who, like penned sheep, who have no control over what befalls them.

Back in the ice age 1990s when mobile exxon one of the largest warming producers discovered itself as a climate killer, reneged on its own responsibility and suggested that consumers reduce their own carbon footprint.

Why dont we? If climatE change activists expect mobil and the other he beginning or the climate book climate killers to do it on their own then it will never get done. Gretas book hopes to educate us, but the vast majority of consumers are practically non- literate rather than illiterate, but there is a big difference between the two. Hardly anyone who is unfamiliar with the travails of climate change will read it and be enlightened by it. The problem is all of us who consume, which really makes the solution easy. Dont consume mass quantities of everything. Its like we came out of the pleistocene starving and hating minimalism. Look at any homeless camp and youll be looking at a reflection of mass consumption and mass accumulation syndrome, like a pack rat, but at least, with the rat which has been around through wilderness to industrial age, through thick and through age of reason, through the age of discovery, and through high tech, the rat never eats its entire savings while watching tv, ordering shit from amazon or driving to the grocery store two blocks away and while you're at it drive ten more miles to the mall.

Heres the thing. Without a revolution, nothing will change, period.

To rely on the awakening, wokeness, of any particular group of people powerful enough to create change without the benefit of profit is as insane as anything. Its capital suicide for the capitalists, and im not even sure if the people living high on the hog, feasting on the green pastures of plenty still remaining earths resources, will even allow their masters to act in such a way. 

If you havent noticed, the trend is toward fascism, almost everywhere, including here in the us. We, the people, are the only ones who can stop it, but we,have to give up something, so why do we wait for scarcity to force us when we could just shut down our stupid lawn mowers, leaf blowers, freeways, helter-skelter drive over the cliff like some harassed, unthinking bison herd.

Get out and walk around your neighborhood, talk to your neighbors, dont plot against each other, help each other, and buy only what you need, not what you think you wish for, like a child.

Were a nation of conformists, mindless sheep, penned up by the wolves of the world. Theres far more of us than the murderes, rapists, man-woman haters, weapons dealers, politicians, criminals who all are someones sons and daughters, and everyone turns a blind eye.

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