The zelensky-media celebrity sub-culture

The dud rate and the moral supremacy majority.

The zelensky-media celebrity sub-culture is an interesting phenom. Heres a guy, a former comedian, i guess one has to do something in life, before becoming a politician, who seems like he has no power whatssoever but gets the most powerful countries in the world to supply weapons and fighting resources just because he's involved in the latest homelands wars.

Every war is a homeland war, either protection of the homeland from another adversary, no matter how far away that adversary is, theres always the chance they can reach you.

I hate the word intersectionality. I know it was "discovered" by a well known and respected black feminist so just from that it has creedence. The main reason why i hate it is because its just another iteration of the reiteration that oppression, like society in general, makes us all connected.

White men and philosophers have been saying the same thing for centuries and looked how that turned out. Having privelege in america which is embedded in the principles of wealth and hardly anything else, creates the conditions for a described intersectionality among those who have less privelege than others, and yes, in america that struggle for privelege in america has been put mostly, but not all, on the shoulders of skin color, ethnic( non-white and white), and poor (white and non-white) individuals, whereas throughout the world, the role of privelege is laid out in ever more extreme examples, in religions, in cultural, patriarchical traditions ( which usually are religious based).

All of this has been laid out many times. I personally prefer the word " "universalality" to describe the extent of all oppression ( nationalism, institutional bias, patriotism, religious codecs, political power, and, the god of wealth and money which rules us all. 

Whenever i hear the term intersectionality used here in america, which really is the main source of the term, its in relation to whatever form of oppression, the speaker is referring to at the time, which is somewhat contradictory because how can you single out any one thing that is inclusive of all. It seems all intellectual show. Its almost always been that here in america we see intersectionality in the same way we talk about america without speaking about white supremacy and nationalistic supremacy, a condition of every nation on earth.

Its ironic that climate change has reduced the "nation" concept to its real core, every nation is unable to realize a universal concept of humanity because of its own web of intersectional fallacies.

Supremacy of moral character is a religious phenomenon that resounds throughout the cultural mileau, by anti-trans, anti-everything mentality.

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