The Universe Looks Pretty Good From Here

 The universe looks pretty good from here. Why do we want to go mess everything up out there too.

We just want to fick everything up. There's already a stratospheric layer of scrap metal and radioactive waste circling above us ready to fall anytime gravity says so.

I know a few artists that would love to turn that into something more akin to art rather than leaving it chicken little artifice.

The sky is falling. Or it will be.

Trump. The Prince. Netanyahu may be the harbingers we've been secretly waiting for but don't recognize until it's too late or. All three have that stupid glazed look of ignorance and hate.

If there's any Jew in America who is still thankful for the 1948 Accords that gave Israel a homeland and the reason to isolate themselves from the outside world with walls many neo fascists will shake their hand for lending a hand in the biggest suicide mission in history outside of lemming biological tendencies anyway.

If the world isn't going back to a bizarre form of tribalism, I don't know anything.

One other thing. The chemical makeup of crude oil is dinosaur and weeds all melded together in high pressure, hot chemical soup we run our industry with. Now tell me. Would ya. If that isn't a harbinger of things to come, given a few million years down the road I don't know what is.


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