Moral question of our time

 A moral question of our time.

Here we are. In the middle of the moral question of our time. The israel question and the answers weve been given provide the thoughtful fodder of every question about power and how it is used throughout the world.

Any historian can apply how israel was created, maintained, supported, even in the face of in-your-face generational conflict, freedom fights, reaction.

Anti-semitism has been around for a long time.

First of all, there is an impression that there is peace and these wars, conflicts, are anomalies. There is not Peace, then no peace. If war is defined as not only the military conflict that takes place on battlefields everywhere, but we have to add to that definition the preparation for war is certainly an element in making war. When war is, looked at in its fullest historical sense, there is a moment when war always reflects the economies, culture, and most certainly, the politics of any nation.

Peace is called when there seems to be a lull in making war but those lulls are still fully engaged historical moments when weapons transfers, productions, and distributions continue to take place behind the white noise of "normalcy". Not to mention that economies continue to run on those investments, collaborations, and productions of the entire war machinery.

Peace in the historical history of war has merely held a position of historical moment when treaties, agreements, between warring parties have been established but not adhered to.

Rebellion is not a war crime.

Was the little big horn a war crime?

Is settler resistance a war crime?

Is any resistance to apartheid, slavery, nation state sponsored atrocity, war crimes?

Was hiroshima, wounded knee, shermans march to the sea, the murder of black panthers, murder of george floyd, are they war crimes?

Is the acknowledged apartheid and denial of palestinian rights in Israel ever since its inception a war crime?

Or is war always defined by the most powerful or is genocide in the eye of the beholder?

If seventy years ago the western nations gave israel a homeland despite the zionist revolution of displacing indigenous non - jewish population and the future of this is whats happening today, what more evidence do we need to not trust what they'll do today to be resolved even seventy years from now. 

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