Fisa- Part 2

Fisa and the right to privacy part 2

The abortion issue highlights our (progressives) inability or unwillingness to anticipate how the country is going. Back in the sixties when roe vs wade became the federal law of the land, the right to privacy was reserved for regular people as well as political elites, celebrities etc. the main exception to the right to privacy were those who JEdgarHoover decided didn't have any rights, such as communists, black panthers, civil rights leaders, movement leaders, and a whole plethora of renegade and outlaw groups. 

After roe vs wade, various states began to bombard the courts with what they believed to be exceptions to the rule and that was what no one expected to be the new anti-abortion front. In addition, 9/11 happened, though we still do not know how, but privacy for more groups and their american collaborators went out the window. So, with all that, by the early 2000's when guantanamo, torture, proxy wars based on lies or fear became the american political pastime, we progressives, continued to be so embattled over principles, fear, nationalistic jingoism, Patriot Act acceptance, it's hard to believe, but we still didnt believe federal law could be inviolate.


Right up to the election of Trump but even before that, the appointment of judges, the growth of the tea party movement, congressional stalemates should have given us the incentive to stop relying on Hope as our sole political power and get our asses moving.

And does it need to be said that during all these decades, the current relationship between palestinians and their israeli overseers was ineveitably going to bring us to what we have today. It shouldn't have taken an apocalyptic prognosticator to see that one coming.

Do we not see the relationship between oppression and the eventual uprising that always comes behind it, just because it's not happening in our nation, but our nation has a lot to do with it.

In fact, there's very little said about it, but 9/11 itself didn't happen in a vacuum, and part of the reasons why it happened was Americas involvement with israel, the arab states, and all the regional conflicts that preceded it, lebanon, saudi gas, beirut, afghanistan, iran, the cold war. 

American politicians want us to believe that america wants peace but it is forced into war, so then we prepare for war and never look at peace as more than temporary capitulation on our adversary's part.

Why do we expect things to change? Will they change even today as colleges and universities are in turmoil? Certainly not guaranteed.

I understand Brown U made a deal with its protesters to have a referendum over divestiture but does everyone know that there is a federal law that does not allow divestiture with Israel and what about americas sanction policy against countries such as Cuba, Venezuela? Aren't sanctions similar to divestiture or even similar to blockades (except as seen through the eyes of the banking system) rather than ships or tanks? Aren't blockades a tactic in warfare? Why are we always using warfare strategy in our so called "status of defender of worldwide democracy and freedom"?


We really can care less about any of that, if you turn around and look at all those sucker nations tagging along behind the shark, waiting for scraps.

Its complex but we cannot afford to be for one thing because it affects our conscience and against one thing because our nation says it must be done.

Question everything and stop being divided.

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