All the ghosts to come

 All the ghosts yet to come to haunt us.

Religions should lead the charge for hope but when it comes to revolution and politics, only pressure counts

Is it genocide, is it apartheid, is it racist, is it fascist? The questions of our time, this time. We are certainly getting the fine points of each of these questions which have more to do with morality than anything else. Morality used to be the god prerogative but since we no longer are the benefactor of a just nor rational god because it's been put in the hands of men. So, the questions remain for the new man, Artificial Intelligence. If we believe that AI will be any different than the men who create it, we remove ourselves one step more from reality. All i can say is, "we have a right to defeat ourselves."

Is homogeneity the same as conformity the same as way way too much lack of diversity?

Or Is diversity really always good or just the new homogeneity?

Another question, i wonder if the "discovery" of all the gazans under the rubble will swing from the rope we always try to hang our hopes upon.

When people went to charles bukowskis door, they could hear a big fuck you, go away.

Deportation is just another form of detention and incarceration, proxy style, where the immigrants escape from their own oppressive environment, are returned, like escaped prisoners here.

There is a certain inevitability to climate change as well as certain effects, such as flooding, droughts, storms, all of which effect agriculture, seasonal changes, infrastructure, resource depletion, water shortages.

Well, the same goes for the absence of truthtelling. When there is a social, political system based on lies, denials, and misinformation, there are certain guaranteed results among populations, such as social chaos, divisions among classes, crime, less efficiency, anti-democratic, breakdown of institutions and traditions (which can be a good and bad thing, Eh?), rise of fascism. And like climate change, the decline of these social, cultural and political standards give rise to an ongoing deterioration of social cohesiveness.

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