Land of the Three

Land of the Three

It appears the universities are taking a page out of the new playbook that says, forget free speech, forget divestiture, we are the bastions against thought, one of the bastions that's been bought.
Here's what is going to happen now.
The coin has been tossed. Heads you lose, tails you lose.
Students arrested or suspended from their schools will pay a price for their dissent here in the " occupied" land of the three i.e.-president, congress, and corporate greed.
War thinkers, warmakers, warmongers, political sycophants. Toads
Nevertheless, despite the necessity of people challenging the national hubris/supremacy and its corporate interests at all costs, it may too late to just protest. It's been true in the past and is still true, protest, no matter how righteous the cause, is not enough. It was barely enough when MLK led the march for the people of america. Yes, vietnam was about the vietnamese fight for freedom from colonial domination but here in america, it was more about american kids being sacrificed for who knows what, america's war for the liberation of free capital adventurism. I am happy to say that for those who have forgotten, vietnam actually seems to be a relatively successful anti-american success story. They did it with patience and endurance though having to take the usual american atrocities, assassinations, bombing campaigns.
Now, protesting Israel and the destruction of all palestinian institutions and infrastructure, has meaning more as empathy rather than something involving most americans. There will be another muslim purge here, mostly arab and ethnic cleansing which if it weren't so sad, might be beneficial to palestinians and arabs in general. All that talent, medical, engineers, technological expertise with a touch of hate.
We'll spend a generation more, at least haggling the righteousness of the most powerful nation on earth, turning one of its pet projects on one of the truly captive populations in the world. It's the world of politics and like phil ochs said, "You are living in the free world, and in the free world you must stay."
Fortunately for america's indigenous people, the firepower hadn't been developed yet to rid "our purple mountains majesty" of its original people completely.
WE, all those sympathetic and supportive, must carry it forward together in building another social order. I've been focused lately on our need for social, not individualistic, collaborative efforts. Developing connections, real connections, with the thousands of vital friendly ngos, food production, transportation, communal, cooperative, workers associations.
If all that empathetic and intellectual talent being abused and used at the university level put themselves in committing to building a new and truly universal society along with the working class, we'd be on the way to what needs to be done.
We will not win if we dont. In fact, we may not win if we do. Nothing is guaranteed in life nor revolution. They've spent generations perfecting the art of oppression, war, stifling the emergence of new ideas and thwarting attempts to move forward. Feminists after the trump election, black lives matter after george floyd murder, world trade organization protests, arab spring, days of rage, strikes, fights. All, despite their righteous causes failed to make a permanent difference. It's always incremental change, if you want to say "change" at all.
Since everything these days is about gambling, i.e. Sports, elections, israel-genocide war (you know, the bet where israel's conscience conflicts with itself over to actually reflect Judaism or zionism), and will trump go to jail or the white house? Those heady issues plus more coming down the road all the time, we don't know about yet, unless we're practicing necromancy and fortune telling.
I'm going to take a stab on it. 
This year, and maybe next year, will be big years in determining how far to the right the us will go.
It will only go to the right, kind of like a sickly whale, ready to expire. Of course, it (america) won't just end up on a barren beach somewhere, it will undoubtedly take whatever it can down with it)
Let's just make sure we dont go there with it. 
We have to be ready, be prepared for the long haul. All the brainpower progressives have must be aligned with the muscle of working people who will use their backs, arms, legs, and heads to create a new social order, create the freedom, the sweat of the brow and the smart responsibility for each other to realize the goals of the movement.
In other words, we're never going to do anything constructive, being atomized and divided by each of our own interests, but together, with the power within each of us united for the many.
One for all, all for one.
It's been a long time since i read The Three Musketeers.
Or when the light turns green, you still have to look both ways.

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