Fragile Anybody?

Fragile Anybody?

Suddenly, everybody is waking up to that morning that was foretold so long ago.
Our rights are being taken away ever so slow, 
incrementally, just like our change comes bare bones, already stripped clean by the bacteria, the good bacteria until one overcast morning we wake up and all our rights have been taken away.
I've heard this every so often over the years that it's a wonder no one has put on the sandwich board, the end is near, or That morning already came.
How come everybody comes up on injustice when its already too late for change
Like my friend who was disappointed every time she came upon a realization about life, she discovered it was already part of a two-thousand-year-old religion, tradition, philosophy.
The same goes for injustice, inequality, racism and oppression. 
There's a big gap in our education when we are born the same as a squirming rat and after that, we get put on the wheel, put in our furnished cages, become thankful for that, spinning out the truths they give us rather than the ones that are two thousand years old, run faster, run slower, Pavlov's dogs, salivating at emptiness.


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