Here We Go Again-American Doom #1

 This was written back in Trumps presidency and is part of allred's continued referendum on the upcoming 2024 election. For america to be continually repeating, repeating itself through decades of whitewashing and window dressings of it's bleak historical legacy is merely a symptom of how little we, as a nation, have removed ourselves from reality.

I think to concentrate just on trumps foibles (intentional or not) is to ignore the history of what brought trump to power in the first place. "Ignore" comes from ignorance, both ignorance of what is important and any ignorance growing exponentially from that. It isn't so much whether or not Obama was a good president or not or whether his legacy (which is completely arbitrarily determined by the same ideological ignorance as every other politician) needs to be protected but more what does the history of this country tell us about it. 

In all honesty, I don't know if anyone since the civil war really cares about what really happened and what were the main issues surrounding the reason behind the Declaration of Independence because in 1776 "all" meant "some" and it was in less than seventy-five years of existence all the pretenses of 1776 were demolished. Since then, there has been little progress, I'm sorry to say.

For hundreds of years, the countries of Europe controlled what they believed was the world, at least that segment of it which they believed was subject to their economic control. The nation's that comprised the original European Union were enemies, allies, religious affiliates, familial connected (regal cousins). All the instruments for the evolution of intellectual, cosmological, social structure, scientific, economic, religious thought. It's only out of all that combined with the discovery of new continents seemingly antithetical as well as susceptible to the aggressive nature of the European world view.

The ultimate playing out of this aggressive philosophy on the reaches and shores, it was only inevitable to result in not a solidification (or should I say realization) of the neo- European dream (re-American dream) but instead merely a reflected disingenuous and unamalgamated difference between the settlers of this new world. About the only thing they could agree on was the importance of gold in the Royal and religious coffers. However, gold is only temporarily feasible as a world view but it does open up the other possibilities in a philosophy that has a whole lot of social, religious, and economic interest options, unrestricted by an amorphous morality.

And so along comes the Declaration of Independence, written in essence by slave holding benefactors of European thought centering on not only whether or not having slaves is determined by economics, the superiority of one group over another, the relationship of working people, trades, corporations (which is essentially what the so-called American Revolution was about). Not a revolution where there is a distinct ideological difference between factions but a simulation for putting in place a method of assimilating yet not rejecting any of the previous century's ideological conflicts. In other words, the ideology that would create a system where the decisions were already made to simulate a system which allows a predetermined group who would be required to meet over the future decades different on decisions that were already made.


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