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I’ve almost forgotten that America is a highly sophisticated security state. I get the feeling, maybe it’s just deja vue, that we’re living in the fifties again, giving birth to the sixties again. Does Joe bring that on? He’s acting as if America can and will fix all these problems if he had just come along a little sooner.

Just a hunch.

Did Copernicus or Galileo predict that the rise of the national security state would ultimately give rise to a worldwide crackdown on dissent, real democracy, and true equality? Probably not. But Maybe Tolstoy said it because he had such a shotgun type of mind that exposed everything he thought so, it’s possible he more than likely hit upon the concept that everything contrived by preachers and politicians couldn’t be good for anybody.

 Chomsky probably thought so too because he also sees the external state of things as they really are and not what people want them to be, so he probably saw it too.


Every moment counts- including this one

Keep life moving forward- looking backward is for idle minded time travelers

Inhale the future-exhale the past

be u-nique

be here now

I am desperate.

I started following the sayings from inside small candy wrappings until I ate the entire package, trying to find the one that would change my life.



My (we)Poetry


My poetry is the natural crash between who I think we am

And what I want to be. Dichotomy or a Contradiction

Though the juxtaposition between past and future

Isn't always equal to the present condition.

Like an artist who is asked why

He paints in shades of only black and white,

Answers-because that's the only colors He knows.

And you can put she in wherever we italicize he.

Everyone has their (his her it’s them theys own sown vision).

Make believe it.

That's what makes the world go around.

Revolutionary pronouns.


I love america the land and the free

I don’t love america home of the capitalist economy

I love america, the black and white, the indigenous, the brown, the dawns early light,

I love america but not the red white and blue


I love america the mountains canyons the trees

I don’t love america the sword and the fight

I love america the hope of its youth and newly arrived

I don’t love merica the lies of its politicians and right wing conspiracies

I don’t love america its fascism and nra,

I love america and living here.

Before all the forced history

Shoved down our throats, the lies, the untruths, the hyperbole, exaggerated and the contrived.

The lot that insists on solidarity with the masses rather than imposing radical change upon the masses, thus, supposedly, giving the impression that the ill-defined and undefined masses, who I guess is anyone with enough chutzpah to hit the streets at any time over any  transgression, only belies the notion that solidarity is a recognition that there are the masses, as ill-defined and undefined as they are, are still separate from whoever they are in solidarity with. 

Just get on with revolution rather than playing fruitless " democratic" games. The only muscle any movement has is the muscle of being solidly independent of the culture they're trying to revolve from rather than around.


Political pornography

What is wrong with this country will destroy it, and for those who scream but what about what is good about it, well, what's good about it isn't enough to save it.


An idle mind

is the devils workshop 

Let dreams in



No matter how bad things get, it never gets bad enough.

No matter how good things seem to be, it's never quite good enough


Culture kills

What kills?

Love kills

What kills

Celebrity kills

What kills?



On death and dying

In reference to momento mori

If death and dying were as simple as just accepting that it's going to happen no matter what because it's a natural byproduct of the living process, the payoff, so to speak for the work that living entails, then the world would probably be a different place. In the economic world we have created for ourselves, dying is the debit for all the credit we established. No one wants to make the final payment on living under any circumstances. In addition, we have placed a series of legal barricades for anyone to actually anticipate their own mortality and freely making their own decisions to take matters into their own hands. These legal barriers include normal cultural and spiritual taboos against usurping "gods will", ( and this is where every analysis gets complicated), the usurpation of gods will is abstracted enough to allow the state itself to confiscate that right by war or authoritarian directive. the dominance of the health care industry to use human beings as an all-encompassing laboratory for medical experimentation. It's the purpose of the corporate managed health care system to see how long we can prolong life, no matter what any one patient wants.

In the modern world, we are turned over to the state (by our parents) and thereafter stamped by sex, nationality, race, class- categorized and mesmerized.



All I can say about Pluto is I'm glad it wasn't made of gold.

It would take nine years for the Pluto niners (the ninth planet) to get there, in addition to the expenditure of the world's remaining resources to finance the capitalists to get there, and ten years for Pluto to become the first "ghost" planet.

I'm sure the Future history of Pluto will demonstrate this success story.


How much fucking information do we need to decide.

Decide what?

You know, decide what we're going to do next.

We're going to do nothing like we did nothing to prevent the Natives, then the Jews, and now, the world from dying. 

That doesn't sound too good. 

Not too good is what we do best.

Progress is much like an atomic bomb. On the ground progress sweeps across the surface as a shock wave, clearing out in front of it for the settling of dust.

There are too many people and as in the medieval ages the church will have the last say, which will be-reproduce, reproduce, reproduce 

California's attempts to regulate water supply is an example of too many people syndrome which will dominate and cause to fail all attempts in minimize the effects of climate change as well as diminishing resources due to unrestricted population growth. 

So called freedom to reproduce will ultimately be paired with dismissed resources in creating a new "dark" period in human history. Recovery from that, or progress, will certainly be an invitation for the rise of new totalitarianism.


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