The earth will be here

The earth will be here, long after we're gone, some of us in a long shot rocket man scenario to continue the wreckage we have wrought bringin it into some far-off distant star, like columbus all over again. If the bible got anyone right, it was him in the garden of paradise, the tree of life with its luscious fruit tempting eve, a godforsaken apple tree, how many of those were around then, it must have been surely fate, that from that tree adam and eve. ate

I heard that there's been a recent intergalactic intrusion on the earth, the defense department kept its mouth shut until they figure how they can retrieve a few small intrastellar fragments on the bottom of the sea.

But someone found them out, the secret is finally out. Will some montrous mountainlike being rise from the dark sea while we're not looking

We humans never stop coming up with ways to silence the grandeur that surrounds us. They'll kill you with talk about capitalism and some sort of materialism bot.

Ring stuff about themselves, maYbe the guns they own or the guns they need to get you off whatever they want from you. 

I don't know That much about trees but once they started dying from the lack of sun when the big catalcyism come, nothing less was going to survive except what the carrion eaters could thrive on.

How wrong could we be to bet the farm on tHe superiority of this species. God must be having a good, long laugh if you count infinity where weve been masters for about two seconds, infinity wise, and are already on our way out.

Happiness is a warm gun.

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