American Justice is a snails pace to hell

So lets say that there is a palestinian american journalist, maybe the most prominent journalist in arab world and she is shot dead by the israeli military. There is very little media reporting (except by democracy now), hardly any inquiry by american authorities, repeated changes in the israeli response, and NO american outrage. 

Months later, an iranian woman is murdered by iranian authorities for not wearing her hijab properly. This tragedy is followed by not only iranian outrage in the form of national protests but severe reprimand by american authorities to show how dictatorial and oppressive the iranian authorities are.

This contrast is merely to demonstrate a universal impunity to not only israeli policy against the palestinian but the continued hype of american exceptionalism.

It is not enough for left wing/neo-liberal news media and state officials to just cover the news with possible implied criticism of american, israeli, and other nation states justifications for violence, war, and oppression, it must not always be swept under the rug, a euphemism clearly not the policy of these supposed duly elected legitimate sponsors of national terrorism. 

American responses to situations such as Sherin abu akleh, the american/ palestinian journalist murdered by israeli military is a demonstration of a well developed complex bureaucratic dead end in path shich has the earmarks of a maze filled with snafu after snafu, usually ending in a long drawn out legal snafu that may last for years.

The attempted prosecution of trump is an example of this. Even two years after the fact, the prosecution of people who invaded the capital has barely scratched the surface.

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