Nuclear Hell

 ( If anyone thinks nuclear energy, and it's warfare connected residue) is going away anytime soon, please go to the back of the line of already blown innocence.

Emerging Nuclear Energy Countries

(Updated May 2017)

  • Over 45 countries are actively considering embarking upon nuclear power programs.
  • These range from sophisticated economies to developing nations.
  • The front runners are UAE, Turkey, Belarus, and Poland.

Nuclear power is planned in over 20 countries which do not currently have it, and under some level of consideration in over 20 more (in a few, consideration is not necessarily at government level). In the following list, links are provided for those countries that are covered by specific country papers where the nuclear power prospects are more fully dealt with:

  • In Europe: Italy, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Portugal, Norway, PolandBelarus, Estonia, Latvia, Ireland, Turkey.
  • In the Middle East and North Africa: Gulf states including UAESaudi Arabia, Qatar & Kuwait, Yemen, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan.
  • In west, central and southern Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia.
  • In Central and South America: Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay.
  • In central and southern Asia: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.
  • In SE Asia: Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, AustraliaNew Zealand.
  • In east Asia: North Korea.

Despite the large number of these emerging countries, they are not expected to contribute very much to the expansion of nuclear capacity in the foreseeable future – the main growth will come in countries where the technology is already well established. However, in the longer term, the trend to urbanization in less-developed countries will greatly increase the demand for electricity, and especially that supplied by base-load plants such as nuclear. The pattern of energy demand in these countries will become more like that of Europe, North America and Japan.

Some of the above countries can be classified according to how far their nuclear power programmes or plans have progressed:

  • Power reactors under construction: UAEBelarus.
  • Contracts signed, legal and regulatory infrastructure well-developed or developing: LithuaniaTurkeyBangladeshVietnam (but deferred).
  • Committed plans, legal and regulatory infrastructure developing: JordanPoland, Egypt.
  • Well-developed plans but commitment pending: Thailand, IndonesiaKazakhstanSaudi Arabia, Chile; or commitment stalled: Italy.
  • Developing plans: Israel, Nigeria, Kenya, Laos, Malaysia, Morocco, Algeria.
  • Discussion as serious policy option: Namibia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Estonia & Latvia, Libya, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Syria, Qatar, Sudan, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru.
  • Officially not a policy option at present: AustraliaNew Zealand, Portugal, Norway, Ireland, Kuwait, Myanmar, Cambodia, Tanzania, Zambia, Kuwait.


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