Stop Standing Around

Stop Standing Around
Here we are. We, the american people get to play the german people, get to dress up our consciousness for genocide denial. Are there even words strong enough, we've spent our collective hubris already. Some 13 or so saudi terrorists crashed planes into the towers, the pentagon, a field in pennsylvania and the people of afghanistan paid the price, the people of iraq were thrown in for good measure and last week america threw in with the twisted dictatorial netanyahu. America is Revenge. Saudi Arabia never saw a bomb, a plane, tank, had its water shut off, its food supply, its white flowing robe empire stripped clean.
This week we supported and encouraged the wrong nation to do what it has wanted since 1948. The arabs knew it in 1967 and 1973, that the zionists have eyed the entire region. The Zionist are not the Taliban nor Hamas, though they are not any more exemplary. Their treatment of women is just as foul, their egalitarianism still bound by prejudices formed in ancient times, their ambition, to control the world by their extremist religious practices.
No, the jewish people are not to blame for the actions of their government as american citizens, or german citizens, are/weren't to blame for the actions of their government except in one similarity, the citizens are standing around now just like they stood around at wounded knee, slavery, dachau, hiroshima, and for seventy something years, standing around palestine.
Can americans really understand the arrogance of the western nations in 1948 giving land to anyone as if they owned it. They didn't. They were in possession of it in the same way they're in the possession of everything. Just possession, not rightfully theirs. They essentially gave the land and the people who were rightfully there (Palestinians and Jews as well as other Arab tribes, to something that would only abuse, use, and inflame such a situation) After all, it's human nature.
All these politicians are nothing but clowns, except they dress up in suits and ties, the ladies in waiting, their best clothes.
And so it came to pass, the israelis went too far, their ambitious revenge near complete. Oh god, where is your justice, where is your son?
Could it be that the creator of the dead but beautiful universe is a false god like those on olympus, a weak god like the son who could not save himself. For what, sacrifice? Us, the sheep, the lambs. Against so many wolves. They chew away, their bloodlust is their essence.
Some of us are not satisfied with what freedoms they temporarily allow us. No more voting, no more standing around. For me.
If our vote is all the voice we have, on choices they have selected for us, then where is the freedom in that? Thats a rhetorical question.
I've lost all interest in the manufacturing of the american dream. We've all been complicit in trying to divine the divided path without really choosing one over the other.
Who is the enemy? The politicians, yes, mainly because they only do the bidding of the rich, the wealthy, those who've become beyond the ideals of justice, and even sin. They are exempt to the law because they made the laws. They are exempt from the democracy because they don't need to vote to save their skin like we think we must. Voting to them is not necessary because their voice is listened to. Voting, for us, is a simple prayer into the spiritual void, having no more impact than kneeling down beside your bed at night like a child and wishing all your dreams come true, no matter how many people have to be enslaved and die for it, your prayer.
These men are not only immature, but they are also infantile. Their boyish charms, their manly arrogance, their complacent women who dress so well and have the minds of clones. Surely, there must be a wife out there who leans into her hubby's ear and says, What about the palestinians, dear?
Clones and drones are the new messiah.
We is found, lord. Save us from them and the parts of us we are them.
Is that too confusing, god? If all they are going to give us is an invisible unarmed god to rely on, then we should at least stop wasting our real time expecting much more than what is right now. Real democracy is still far ahead of us and will always be in the tomorrow's until we emerge from a revolution now.
Stop Fucking Standing around watching everything die. Palestinians don't want to be ruled by Hamas but neither do they want to be ruled by Israel/America. It's not one or the other, it's neither. Stop Apartheid, Stop religious extremism everywhere. 

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