Cruel and Sadistic Men

These are cruel and sadistic men who run the world,

With their blind, deaf, and mute see no evil accomplices.

There is no religion, philosophy, no common sense that goes beyond the politic, displacing these revengeful minds who rule the world.

The mentality oppressing all of us, psychological, where the oppressed become the oppressor. Violence begets violence. An eye for an eye.

The siege begins. No time to bury the dead. The. Mourning is Revenge is the mourning. Empathy for those like us, death for those who are not. Empathy, patriotism, abstractions through false authoritarian assumptions

Sending gaza to the stone ages from which it never emerged. The chosen people. Israel already in the stone ages. The stone ages are more than technolgy, suits and ties, its in the head, man. Its in the heads of men who rule this world.

Zionism is jewish supremacy, nazi turned on its head. Netanyatu speaks like he is Zarathustra. Or the pale horse. The destroyer of worlds. Tell me, o savior, netanyahu doesnt believe in jesus, the prince of peace. He may as well be following the Koran or the Torah, book of the dead, tell me does he look like a god to you?

Fanon in his work "The Wretched of the Earth" writes about the relationship and types of violence between the colonized and the colonizers. The violence, he states, of the colonizer is inherent in the colonizer, in the system of oppression colonization entails. Colonization and peace is like war and peace. One cannot make peace at war.

At the time he wrote, Frantz Fanon was writing more about the French, Algerian colonial experience. At the time, bombs and terrorist tactics were being carried out in France and against French targets in Algeria. The response by France was, of course, just as horrible, more so with sanctions, economic more technological total warfare against the entire algerian indigenous population.

From the very beginning the duplicitous western powers, colonization has meant the control of a population's resources, whether it be gold, ores, land, its always about control and military force, violence.

Its in their head. They always make it about military might makes right, bows and arrows against guns and tanks, nuclear threats vs freedom fights, its all designed for control and threats of violence. Overwhelming violence vs the armless willful.

Fanons analysis of the repetoire of violence perpetuated by colonizers over colonies was pretty much accurate to the point, factually applied to modern day situations such as israels colonial/apartheid control over Palestinians. 

Denial of this control is really the problem, in fact, denial of this relationship is what makes all the USA and european unconditional support of Israel complicit in whatever happens there. This merely exacerbates the problem since international law, justice, acceptable colonial standards which all the supporting states have adopted, evolved through centuries are mounted against any freedom fights or rebellions. 

This attitude was also the acceptance by these same powers of Hitler 's rise to power in the 30s. Fascism is not on any of any colonial state's unacceptable list. Why is that? Because fascism is the tool of oppression. 

Look at the difference in what is happened thus far. Hamas is reacting against the violence perpetuated against the Palestinians everyday by the Israeli colonizer/ apartheid. Only reactive, outside of that reaction, they have no claims to overturning power, overthrowing Israel, their actions more like sending the bully (Israel) a message.

So how is that violence, horrible as it is, but restricted by ability and lack of power, different than the violence of Israel. Is Israel restrained by limitations of even a reasonable assessment of what their own actions over the last few weeks, few years, few decades that implicate themselves and which the immoral support of the western world have wrought.

Thats like leaving the insane free to roam the mad land.

The mad world vs the suffering world.

Ive mentioned before that a general strike which requires tremendous suffering and strength, could be averted all together if people used their vote, demanding a moral representation rather than a political one. To think that all this in our country is the division between two political parties who together have brought this country ( and other countries with similar inter fraternal, patriarchic differences.

The solutions are always violence- how much, what kind, 

How can their be a solution when the two sides in the palestinian-israeli conflict arent justified in their total oppressive violence against each other. If only one side has a right to defend itself based on some universal guilt that the western world that they not only failed to help the jews in ww2 but who participated in the world wide hatred of the jews. That guilt has created a mental, psychological necrotic social tumor and using of israel, and many other nations as ploys for their greed and self serving interests.

An enclave, open aired prison, genocidal, inhumane not one significant description of gaza strip as having any allowed political organization whatsoever.

The fight for political capital.

Palestine, a humanitarian desert, devoid of any civil society, definitely an open air prison.

Our obsession with statistics. Im sure all the deaths are going to be inflated or deflated, depending on the political capital that can be achieved, although nothing the palestinians can do has any political capital.

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