Ralph Nader

Thank you ralph nader for finally breaking your own truth. When asked by amy goodman if it was true what nyt said you were supporting democratic party, you denied this, saying what you said was when it comes down to deciding who to vote for, you'd choose the autocracy of the democratic party over the fascism of the republican party, going on to say that to support fascism is to support the continued domination of the corporate class, the severance of social justice from ideals of equality. Autocracy, you said, at least keeps hope alive for change. 

I say, how?

Well, ralph and i say this sadly, you forgot hopefully temporarily, that it wasn't fascism that got us to here but autocracy, corruption, greed, is what brought us, led on by both democrats and republicans alike.

If i get an opportunity to vote for cornel west i will vote for him, like i voted for you in 2000. And the whole liberal/ leftist mythology that you lost al gores presidency and should, like all third parties/ be taken to task for it is bullshit. My vote in california didnt hurt anybody and it was the electoral/ supreme court/ vote counting shenanigans in florida AS WELL AS the democratic party's complete capitulation to those decisions and voting irregularities that defeated al gore. Nevertheless, that's putting a lot of credence that an al gore presidency would have done what no other presidency would have done. Where in the hell is al gore today?

Cornel  West is the only one, or the only one that will admit it, who understands that some sort of revolution is necessary in this country to change what needs to be changed.

In a country that represents through its history and policies what is wrong in the world, (and yes, there are others), a nation that has no meaningful dialogue between its opposing parties, except, maybe, the biblically fixated, going strictly by the book, 

As for fascism bringing all this, fascism is the anarchy of the right, there is no agenda, as trump has demonstrated, except a form of chaos, whereas capitalism, corporate controlled, greed, is tightly controlled where there is no viable system or ideology (no one except intellectuals knows what socialism is), many believing that anything is more authoritarian than the most authoritarian system in the world.

It could be argued that we've been moving toward fascism as it is generally defined for many decades, but again, that would be another admittance that just about everything's that happens only demonstrates the need for revolution.

I've written on revolution for much of my life and honestly can't give a breakdown on what one would look like. From some armed/violent/ military coup rebellion/uprising of the past, currently popular in african countries to praying that god strikes trump down with an embolism, a method much against my non-religious principles.

My thoughts seem to be drifting to solutions when i really want to show that there is no essential difference between autocracy and fascism if the results are the same, except in different generations.

Ralph, i think we're looking for something within the humanity realm, more permanent, and future oriented rather than dog eat dog.

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