The Gist of My Youth

The gist of my youth was from what I saw on tv. i wanted to be brave, fearless even, whether it be the good cowboy who defended the chastity of women but could outdraw those who spent their whole lives killing people or stealing their horses. the good soldier who missed his home but fought the evil german and japanese empires and bring honor to the usa. the good catholic, who wanted to be a saint! not afraid of martyrdom, but, to at least, perform the one or two miracles necessary. I wanted to be kind to strangers and forgiving of my trespassers.

Nevertheless, when i realized i couldnt be a cowboy without a horse or guitar, a GI Joe without a so called just war, or a saint without a religion, the only alternative could be a revolutionary, a force for change. Any change. From the genocidal cowboy, who took the land, to the dishonorable war and the men who planned, organized, justified, and fought them. And certainly, the power, influence, history of the church, christianity as a fundamental cause of the one unacceptable common belief it fostered, enforced, and made spiritual and political, of the supremacy of Man over Beast (read Nature), Man over Human Being.

Everything we all believe about our place in the world, as individuals or citizens, is based in the entirely false, cynical philosophy that we care about god but accept the excuse we represent Him. 

God is our creation, our alter ego. There is nothing wrong with believing in a higher power, but when anyone makes that higher power a political endeavor or a religion, then we have a personality Cult.

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