Throwing Back the curtain

Every now and then something, somebody, or some event throws back the curtain separating us from them. The recent bank crisis is one example, the public murder of george floyd, and many others are representative of incidents that when they happen we are served up a plethora of state sponsored media experts and special analysts, scientists, psychologists, and anyone who can add another wall until the repair in the breach, usually by overwhelming, confusing contradictory information , smothering us with overkill facts, innuendoes, rumor, irrelevant fake facts. 

Thats alot in one sentence, but thats how it comes down, just like that.

Now its the debt ceiling crisis whereby they tell us how important it is to maintain Mericas credit rating but nothing about what happens when they cut a bad deal. If Rublicans want social security cuts and Democraps want war then don't we know who's going to suffer.

The intent, of course, for them is to get everything back to the normal, which means out of mind, out of reality.

Tell us again, what was wrong with the articles of confederation?

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