I'm an Anti-Authoritarian

Im an anti- authoritarian.

I dont believe in a god with a personality

But i can appreciate a good story.

The earth is god. It cares not who rules, who lives, who bakes cookies  at christmas, who prays for the misfortunate.

It cares naught whether its dinosaur, bird, ape who lives and who dies over time.

It punishes the innocent, the weak, the unwary and along with the god of time, all will cease to exist as they were born and lived.

Even rust never stops.

Our earth god does not listen to pleas, requests, prayer or players.

Within our miniscule life spans within the reality of real time, infinite time, we believe in hope for the future, the day, month, decade, we believe we have guaranteed.

No guarantees. Earth with a no guarantee stamp..

So why do we live on in an imagined world with a satisfactory end, to be rewarded with eternal life out of all that happens to us that belies that illusion.

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