History the looking glass path

History and the past is the looking glass path upon which we travel to see where we are going next, into an ever shrinking future, a short, a small, a smaller, a maze of lies, deceits, and reckless genocides, a conundrum of rudderless motion, where we entangle ourselves in misinterpretations, dreams, and eunuch philosopies. We will become extinct before we go to mars. Thats the bet. Then try another way, over and over again and again, try, try, again.

Back to the same starting point, repeating ourselves with a new wand, sword or magical thinking, like a snake eating its tail. Ever Since the scientists of Egypt discovered the permanence of death and worship of the afterlife, the stars scattered throughout  the universe, the world and our place in it has shrunk, 

and no matter how far or how much we can imagine, 

the smaller we became like Alice in the looking glass. 

our destiny becomes more and more tenuous 

and ridiculous as if reality is anything we can count on, drifting on a life raft presumably saved yet watching the drowning of the titanic.

I am becoming coyote.

If you're not paranoid, then you're not being realistic.

There's no rhyme nor reason when it comes to love, yet poets and scientists try to capture it's essence with words or pictures

It's our time, not yours. 

Coyote the man, nefarious man, not of this world, certainly not the way of the human. 

Coyote is Indian, is the desert, is the field, and is the natural man, cruel when he can be, a joker, a real wide stoker, take me to the movies

I couldn't help but notice your unkind looks, the way you make money I suppose. There isn't much under the sun that I don't notice, but that took me by surprise. I don't like surprises, unless I'm the surprise.

What did you think was going to happen?

You've got a crazy man on one side and a bunch of hipped out innocents that are going about things in the wrong way and it's like some sort of social Molotov cocktail but without the streamers.

I can't help noticing the angles of your curves. The friendliness of your suppleness and subtlety is surprising me too. Come on baby, let's do the stroll.

Coyote is out of date.

I ran across those FTB last year. They were burying somebody not less than fifty feet from the tracks, where the sand was still loose and deep enough. Some poor sucker who liked trains when he was younger and probably couldn't believe his bad luck once he realized he wasn't going home ever again.

I see it all the time,

Never going home again.

I see it right now, some of these people are never going to be the same.

Never going home again.

I see it right now, some of these people are never going to be the same.

I'll help it along because that's what I'm all about.

Yes, we can

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