I borrowed this, or the apocalypse already came, and then went.

I borrowed this from someone sweet.

The apocalypse came and went, came and went.

The apocalypse already came, is coming, is already gone.

All this knowledge/nonsense about what comes and whats past.

Stacked up against the old testament like mounds of buffalo skulls, tiny men standing on top like sherpas conquering everest.

Jesus is coming they say, coming to save the day

Someday soon He's going to ride the wild moon but we have to suffer a little more silence first,

Like buddha says, take your suffering inside you and churn it into a furnace or a crematorium for your salvation.

Like mohammed says, take up the sword against the infidel

And like jesus says, wear sheeps clothing but walk like the wolf.

All these things will come to pass.

The apocalypse came and went, came and went.

The apocalypse already came, is coming, is already gone.

Some people survived, many people didn't.

The apocalypse is here now, was already there yesterday, and will move on to somewhere else tomorrow.

Be happy you or your parents or your ancestors survived when their apocalypse arrived wherever they were when their apocalypse came and went.

Tell your children the apocalypse is coming but you don't know when it's coming, for some its already here, for others its already gone, but it's always coming somewhere at the same time its already gone somewhere else.

Someone who is sweet told me this, the world is composed of many ends but the beauty of it all, are/ is the beginning(s) that rise with every day's sun, right after the apocalypse gets its way, and already gone, the promise of something better always begins.

Someone wise told me this.

The apocalypse begins and ends, beginnings come and go too.

When you read this, hear what a sweet person told me, like the birds who loved snow white, right now you're in the middle of the time the apocalypse comes or goes. Enjoy life when you can, but like my sweet person says, "How can you not?"


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