Dont ask me

If i build a small bomb and set it off and kill five people, then sell the different components to the bomb and others replicate my device and kill five people in explosions all over the country, you can be assured that once the components of that device are identified, it wouldnt take long for state and federal legislation to be enacted that makes it hard to get those components. There will be no talk about like bombs dont kill people, people kill people, what people do with their bombs is no one business, down with all regulations. Shit like that. If three hundred people in iran, including all ages and genders and abilities, are murdered for protesting or being near protestors, or thinking about protesting, such as those being executed in saudi arabia, the fact that in america during the same time period thousands of all ages, all genders, all capabilities have been murdered for no reason at all is never mentioned.

The reality is that whether it is the state, the haters and militias, the gangs, the crazed individuals the problem of violence is a human problem and not a political problem resolved with regulation, law, conformity, religious belief, or repression/oppression.

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