Pre-Post debate

(Things are moving fast in the post-debate world from the democrats touting anyone between Harris, Michelle Obama, and every other lessor known liberal politician to rise to the occasion in case Biden is talked down from his ambitious and illusionary presidential position. I will try to keep up or better yet, stay ahead, stay the course and not fear the real future: fear, instead, the repetition of the present, the mouse wheel turning)


The presidential coin were going to flip this year, both heads and no tails, will be arguing their case in front of a world wide audience and some people will be tuning in for strictly entertainment value. The jokes and jokers are on us, for sure. I always thought george bush jr was the stupidest president we ever had until 2016, and i believe, trump is surpassing that high level again this year. To think the polling is close just goes to show how ludicrous the american people are. Trump is stupid but im not sure if joe Biden is any more safe. Hes strictly a mouthpiece for the military industrial complex. Yes, he has liberal speechwriters saying the right stuff, and, yes, he does believe it but in this country opinions are a dime a dozen and the liberal ones are a dime for two dozen because they carry no weight in real things. Sure, he believes in racial equality, womens rights, but thats easy in a society which is nearly equally divided between the ignorant and the stalemated governance we have. 

Besides Joe Biden believes in compromise and, again, in this country, compromise means liberal gives up a lot just to get a long shot at conservative thinking. Compromise also means the money gets moved around, but it still ends up in the pockets of corporations and military coffers.

I honestly wonder sometimes who isnt voting, who isnt caring, who isnt interested. I think its a lot of people, its a statistic you don't hear too much anymore.

Americans are all about feeling comfortable and trying to get the government to make up for their own inadequacy. The big business world in american politics is about as close to heaven as one gets. Skyscrapers galore, cant tell one from the other by the  look of em, theres a multitude of femme fatales, big bad johns, and sweet sues, all ready for melodrama and making cash. 

Post debate

For the first time, at least in my memory, we are confronted with  a question whether or not either candidate has the capability/capacity to be president. There have been many instances where the democrats have submitted for our approval "plug your nose" and vote for me, we have a candidate where we are asked to not only plug our nose but blind our eyes and, worse, silence our minds.

Biden, on stage, practically reiterated the Israel trope of eliminating hamas at all costs except without the use of our two thousand lb bombs, which "dont always do the job without too many civilian casualties" and proud weve stuck with israel through genocide, apartheid, and infanticide.

Which one of these candidates claims the high moral ground?

Take your pick.

Ive said Trump will probably not be reelected and fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you "see" it, Biden, who has now become, the sponge,for military/intelligence, corporate capital. The oxymoron for, democrats is always having an anti-corporate billionaire bias (by threatening to tax them) yet at the same time, taking monstrous amounts of corporate donations.

Those donations are written off of their taxes. 

And all the people who work in them, nameless, faceless, feckless ants crawling from paper trail to paper trail to archive to facebook, twitter and instagram. Dont worry, they won't remember your name. You're not at Cheers. Your social security number is as close to a name as you'll ever get. And if youre escaping a harsh environment in another third world country, just remember everyone here in the usa has a gun, not just the militia or military, and they're out to get everyone.

On November 8th, enter Biden Country but like disney world, Trump Land is fun too. But more expensive. 

Oh yes, there are third or fourth party candidates but thats something that will be more important when we have a real representative type of democracy, where having opposition in the congress rather than one basic plan divided four ways, extreme right, middle right, middle right democrat, and left right  middle left.

Our country is a mess. Over the centuries, worker capitalists have really done their homework, while grasshopper liberals have spent much of their time underground, emerging once every couple of decades, to jump on some war bandwagon. Its a living example of Atlas Shrugged


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