The past doesnt last

The past doesnt last,

When tomorrow comes, today becomes yesterday's time

It can't be a political choice to respect human rights.

Greta Thunberg

Free will and political choices. The human mind is a simple one.

Either it is or it isnt. Is it or isnt it?

Dont hold your nose and vote for biden. If youre going to have such a disrespect for yourself and the process, better to just Do it the old way, raise your arms to the sky and pray, let their god sort it out, then prepare yourself for whatever comes along, which is what we have to do anyway.

30 years from the rwandan genocide that wasnt declared genocide until it was over and bill clinton finally called it genocide. Will biden realize israel is not the same israel of the david vs arab goliath of 1967?

The age of heroes is over, thank god for that. Put all the superheroes weapons behind, the good intentions, the gestures of faith, hope and charity beneath you, the sacrifices for nothing believers in Christian love, put all that unnecessary rubble from your mind, and build a new empire on used tires, toxic plastic from the sea, and all the insane ideas of those who say they're doing it for us, as high as high they can be.

We'll all be scrounging through our civilization's unusable rubble. And believe me it's not all outside our head. We are made to be obsolete and yet, still remain toxic long after our bones are ash and ground glass.

AI is not your friend, your beautiful metallic smart lover, nor your smart slave. It is an "Artificial" intelligence just like it is named. What comes out is what goes in and if you think thats different than the intelligence you possess, then you're on the right track.

There are only a few questions that AI needs to answer in order to be considered safe for human consumption.

  1. Will they eventually fall in love?
  2. Will it be good to starve thousands of people in order to live free?
  3. Are human rights a political option?
  4. Is Pres Biden's debt relief plan a plea for votes?

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