The language

The language

In the modern world, and to me that means the world as formed from the rise of western european and us into dominance.

Does a man who commits rape get to define "rape?". Does a nation get to define genocide? Does a dictator get to define freedom? If not, then why is there no certain definitions.

The israel hamas war has once again demonstrated that outside the actual physical atrocity of war is the war of words.

Language is all we have as humans to use in explaining our actions, and those explanations are weighed against what we describe as the truth, and full circle jerk fashion, that truth is the judicious dissection of the language compared to what happened according to witnesses and what they have to say about it. Truth no longer comes from the reliance of a persons own conscience. The saying that there are no guilty people in prison or there is no violence in war outside of self defense.

America committed atrocities and genocide in america, vietnam, iraq, afghanistan and accepted history in america is the total denial of any of it. Or, historians and intellectuals say, " "It is done, get over it."

It is done. Gaza is destroyed. To toy with the idea that this destruction of the cultural, religious, and political is redeemable is despicable. According to john kirby, spokesperson for the state dept, states emphaically that "to date (a/o april 2, 2024) there have been no israeli incidents that have violated international humanitarian law."

In my mind, when i see spokespeople like him and all the spokespeople, i imagine someone who either has a gun at his back or someone who is pointing a gun at me.

The question becomes what and who are they afraid of or what and who do they want us to be afraid of?


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