Don't we know yet that power corrupts, absolutely corrupts.

Social security. If there is anything that drives capitalists, even liberal capitalists crazy is a pool of money just sitting there in banks and not being used. Thats why since banks were invented, paying a small amount of interest provides all the incentive for the account holder to give power to the bank for every cent to invest, and loan out to others, at much higher interest than what the original account generates. Thats the base for capitalism. Since those early days of banks and loans, indebtedness is the main outcome for those of us at the bottom of the money food chain. 

So, you can imagine when the government sponsors a major socialist program such as social security the capitalists are slobbering with envy and avarice.

Note the slave labor of children, new york times and truthout. Very disappointing amy, juan, hannah drier, chen.

Whose profiting? No questions about wages, no questions about child abuse. And solutions? Pour more government into inquiry, a government that really doesn't have the resources, except plenty of empty gestures. America always pretends it has plenty but operates on scarcity. Says we need change in immigration law, when there hasn't been significant progress on any immigrant change for decades. The only change has been negative, i.e. Trumps anti- immigration policies which have not been rescinded by biden administration. For biden admin to announce more scrutiny for what can be considered international law in exploiting not only children but the worldwide denial of movements around the world for human beings to seek safety, security, and survival.

The system that all the major powers have instituted around the globe are completely contrary to the natural evolution of our humanity. It is based on a planned scarcity. They say there's not enough money for this or that, yet america pours sinful amounts of money into weapons technology, weapons use, weapons sales, weapons destruction and war. Anywhere in the world, the us will go, if it isn't already there, to prop up tyrants, dictators, fascist governments, calling it building democracy.

America doesn't know what democracy is, believe me america, you don't know democracy.

Note: there is only one reason why the right wing, fascist israeli attacks against palestinians is being ignored by the us and western powers is that there is a secret, planned war against russia or china, which will once again cleanse us, our public memory of any atrocity in lieu of nationalist fervor. 

Unfortunately, the next war won't prove whose rightt or wrong any more than all the others because the principals behind it will not be any different than every last one america has involved itself in, going back to the revolutionary war.

The revolutionary war knocked out a king but not the kings' men in business. The civil war didn't kill slavery nor the race theory behind it. The Small wars with spain, england only established america as imperial, colonial, and supercilious. World war one didn't stop germany and neither did world war 2. It only produced the nuclear cold war, the semi-proxy wars in southeast asia, central america, and africa, iraq, afghanistan moving rapidly on to the full proxy war in ukraine and proxy genocide in Gaza.

The standoff, the line in the sand, the showdown, high noon. It's one big, centuries old heroic blowhard feud and folly between those who haves us and those that wants us, while most of us, watch from the balconies and crowded aisles until our name is called to come out and take on the apocalypse that's meant for us.

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