America's Frankenstein

We believe that the futuRe is connected to sci-fi but in reality, its our beloved frankenstein from the past that rules the future.

American frankenstein.

As a literary person i recognize that what america churns out as historical pablum for not only common people's consumption but also for its intellectuals is regurgitated cud, one thing becomes another without changing its composition. 

Take the classic novel, frankenstein, written by mary shelley on a holiday lark. A good representation of 19th century ideas of socialistic/capitalistic struggles of the period.

Believe me, it is not a monster story as hollywood would have us believe. It is a srory of a historical monster called unfettered capital ( money) and the way it runs amok if left to its own devices. Not much more complicated than that.

Frankenstein started as a metaphor for all the control freaks, whether it be individuals or nations, who turned and continue to turn social constructs, such as education, economy, politics, and humanitarian and international social justice into literally a monster leashed among the social order, everyone forgetting who made the thing.

Since the novel is an archtype, that is, represents a possible universal trait, it can be applied to universal situations.

Trump is a 77 year old, white ( very white, if you know what i mean?), wealthy, a natural born hater of mankind, greedy, manipulative, a sexual abuser, a leader of vigilantes, plus, one of the most uneducated men ive ever seen in public life.

Biden is an 81 year old white, an apologist for capitalism, a spokesperson for the morbid status quo, an unimaginative personality, slowed by age, susceptible to neo-fascist compromises, has no ideas for the future ( shortsighted- a very common trait among politicians), and is totally unaware of how he looks to the public-fragile, slow, ready to go away

They are both Men, neo-fascist capitalist, supportive of the use of non-democratic power and Presidential exceptionalism in a tri-institutionalized, supposed balance of power democracy.

In america the use of unregulated power is the modern hallmark of the type of undemocratic system we are currently living in. Since the country is divided, possibly irreparably, the potential for the type of change necessary to not only undue the miserable historical legacy of slavery, greed, and international chaos created by proxy war, imperialism, and threats of nuclear annihilation.

Our sole institutions of power management are no longer acceptable nor approved by the public, no longer represenative because of decades of gerrymandering, corruption, greed and political divisions based on antiquated ideas about political parties and representation.

With that, the president has wielded his own version of power based on the idea that they represent the one institution above the ones currently stagnated and corrupted by abuse- the military and since 9/11, the secret anti-terrorism (euphemism for anti- change) sub-institutions of national security, (cia, fbi)

The political fight here has always been between the ideas of socialism and capitalism. Its that simple. Government control of the publics resources or the government financing of private industry.

In every recession, industry crashes caused by the relaxed regulation government gave to private industry, private industry came out better off and the public came out worse.

All of this is the parts thrown together over the centuries and most recent decades to make the monster we see before us.

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