Only a few actual issues

written 2022 There are only a few actual issues in the world which are repeated often enough, over and over, throughout history, it seems to anyone in the present, wherever that present may be, disguised as something new by modern technology and conventional wisdom, it may all seem new. Because History doesnt reflect reality of the historical moment, being built on whoever is in power and managing the interpretation of the moment, reality always seems to contain a strong element of unresolved, complicated nuances. This is, mainly because over the course of centuries, men have controlled the narrative through their religions and insistence that nations, governments are the most ordinate of authority, next to god. In the rare occurrence when a woman or man who understands what limits power inherently has, that it normally corrupts, these have been unable to do little to change the discourse to a more real relationship between government and governed. They are, first, the main elephants in the room being SEX. Then there is FEAR, and the icing is CONTROL... Almost all law, all traditions, all hierarchies, all nation states base their continued existence on the ability to manage the general public's ability or inability to handle basic and universal survival, which governs work, value, economic, both at the simplest exchange level and at the heightened reality of control of resources and principles of ownership set by the authorities managing money, time, and debt. Survival is not just a tv show where people live by their wits off the land, but day to day living in any nation on earth. As modern nation states, all rely on the three themes mentioned above to manage each persons ability to survive. The main aspect of Control is Division. Divide and conquer is an old adage, but true, nevertheless. Its hard for anyone to imagine that at some time in human world history that life in a social, communal environment was far less problematic. This isnt to say that life was problem free. Weather, climate change, and other uncontrollable forces played a part in making life not perfect. All the problems of modern life and the change in perspective are illustrated in all the early stories, mythologies, magical thinking religions, old and new testaments, chronologies, some of which continue today. The gods were humans and have alway contained human personality with all its foibles, strengths, and excessive power. Interestingly, the women gods eventually fell to the wayside as the so-called modern religions and customs focused that power unto men and, and in the case of the main modern gods or their messengers, male personalities. Most of these gods, if not, their followers, are as fucked up as their faithful believers, filled up with hate, revenge, ethnocentric, magical thinking blather about make believe heaven and hells. Punishment is a big thing in religion as it is in all nation's services to the people. Unfortunately, if one is to believe christian belief in the love of jesus christ, few christians rely on their charity to get themselves to heaven or paradise. They're too busy making worldwide mischief, creating irreconcilable notions about women, sex, race, ethnicity, other religions, and their neighbor. One example of all this is the current situation in Old Palestine or New Israel, however you want to call it. Prior to the twentieth century, palestinians and jews lived pretty peacefully together for centuries. Then the british, french and a host of arab princes came and began fostering ideas of liberation or acquiescence to a colonial power. People were forced to take sides, allegiances. Today we might say life was harder then, but that notion is only an evolution of a false claim that authorities new and modern for the times colonialist ideas of capital, resource control, and ownership, the triumvirate of chaos, became the order of the day. They were indispensable in establishing security and safety in the chaotic system they created. The modern age has brought us more and more sophisticated methods of control. No longer the whip nor the sword, control of media and knowledge, has become the subtle weapon of choice. This method of choice is clearly anti-democratic, that is if democratic means the general population shares certain acknowledgement of egalitarian values. Common sense values. Common sense values. Not based in fear. If a mother is fearful of a gay person teaching at her child's school is a fear not based in any real circumstance any more than a belief in the previous centuries that jews kidnapped children and desecrated their bodies in some way, then what is our fear running on. Pure mythology. No one really believes Jews kill and eat children nor should they believe Palestinians hate jews more than they hate the fact everyone, including colonial powers took away their basic need for survival, and made the jews in Israel their captors. It's all about governments and who controls them. Who controls our government, if not us?


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