Hilary Clinton-Lessons in Old Commentary


Yes, I understand Hilary is old news and maybe even no news, but sometimes there are lessons in going back ( after all isn't that what historians do?) over the lessons of the past to get to the future. I think so.

Hilary Clinton 2016

As I watch a Hilary Clinton clip from 1995 where she passionately expounds on the rights of women being the rights of all, I can hardly contain my skepticism of her.

What I feel about Hilary Clinton is what I feel about all political con men.  A con man will not tell you anything that s(he) does not already know that you know.  When Hilary Clinton or any other politician says what millions before her and contemporaneous with her are saying, she is only saying it because she has the power of wealth to say it. She, like most politicians, has no real philosophy or belief other than an expedient liberal plea and support of those who back her. She does not lead, she follows the shallow interests of her own class and the misinformed chants of her supporters.

Don’t worry about her, she’ll always be able to take care of herself but please don’t pretend she can take care of anyone else.

 Funny, I can imagine her actually being elected as I couldn’t believe Obama would be. There is something to the notion that having an edge, such as race or sex, or wealth does mean something because no matter how rich you are you can make people believe you understand poverty, no matter how little you actually worked to survive, you can make people believe you understand their plight, and no matter how far away from your own race or sex or social status experience you can make people believe you share the same values by appealing to their interests, interests which you've never really had to experience in your own life.

Always remember that when going to the polls. Does this person I'm voting for really understand anything about my kind.


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