Who You Gonna Vote For In 2024?

 Well, the left is doing what it always does, hits the streets without a plan, calling for a ceasefire when netanyahu  has said, with americas support, there will not be another ceasefire until the job is done. Can we not believe him?

What should any organization be doing right now? 

Finding a candidate to replace all the ones we are given/have. Forget about left and right, democrat and republican, forget about oil vs green, even right vs wrong. We need to get out of the war business.


Its more important than all the smaller renditions of impossible, improbable candidates who only swing right to left, left to right in the same small circles, like the vultures they are.

I dont mean to disparage the vulture, after all, it's the only bird that doesn't need to kill to eat.

We need a third party that will sustain the resistance to the "taking the votes away from a viable candidate" mantra. It's the only opportunity we have is now, while the upcoming, fascists movement is still unorganized, but definitely on the horizon.

Yes, it will be a fight, but no fight means more futility in a long road to defeat of all democratic/freedom institutions. Stop believing in the old marxian "promise" of a guaranteed working class/proletariat uprising.

All that amounts to is thinking we're all the same and we're not, but we are wanting and needing to live and survive in the future with some of the freedoms we had and lost, didn't have, but gained, if even temporarily.

Who you going to vote for in 2024?

Will you vote for the one who says?

There is a right to defend itself,

Unless you are a woman, slave, oppressed, attacked, or want to be free.

Will you vote for the one who says the preservation of democracy is a precious right or the one who says " sorry" but they didn't know.

And then support the military overthrow/interventions of democratic elections elsewhere?

Its important to them to get this over with because they know that the further away you get, the more you forget. And who's brave enough to look at both Trump and Biden/ Harris/ Democrats in the face and shout, " No!!! None of you". 

Better Free than Compromised. It's funny how they are always lauding up "c0mpromise", "mediation", but it's never as good as putting a gun to your head, is it? 

That's what we get, the gun in the head compromise.

More on this later but not too much later.


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