I don't Know How It Happened

 Now i dont know how it happened but it did. I was listening to a local libertarian discussion and something one of them said made me think, which i believe is what they want me to do, right?

"It used to be there was some things the left did that we (libertarians) agreed with and somethings the right did we agreed with but now theres really nothing the left wants or does that we can agree on."

The fact that we now live in a nation which is skeptical of its own ideals. We no longer want to accept immigrants but are willing to go to other countries and destroy their economies, the laws, traditions, infrastructures over a false belief that leaders of nations we once supplied with weapons and armies, we can no longer tolerate. We believe, perhaps the majority of us that money, greed, and getting what you want takes precedence over what anybody else wants. Our nation is so ruptured of its oft lauded ideals and principles, we a re all open sores, ready for the vultures cast among us, ripe for the taking.

I do have to admit that myself, as a self- proclaimed anarchist, have many arguments with myself about what the left does, is doing, should do, or wants to do. I think thats the way it should be. And like libertarians or conservative type thinkers, i believe things have changed.

But lets face it, its still all about money, who controls it, and what to do with it. All that amounts to communism/socialism vs capitalism. 

That discussion has been decided long ago. Because capitalism won, not winning the reality show but the existential one. The one where we are immersed in a plethoria of economic myth, social/cultural illusions, and a political reality that the rule of democrazy has not been a healthy one.

The truth of the matter is we, as well as the other major number of influential nations are nearly dead in the water when it comes to them actually moving the world toward more equanimity, more peoples democrazy and less authoritarianism.

I saw a portion of a map demonstrating the so called "negative" effects of what the world would look like without american military intrvention and, of course, europe was the swastika, the iron cross, the hammer and sickle. This is certainly the lesson plan for the new anti-woke education system.

What would we do without america, eh?

If i wasnt so lazy i could make a world view that up to this point what the world would look like if, without the people's intervention, of unfettered pollution, waste, nuclear misuse. Its bad enough as it is, right? 

Resistance is certainly the key to slowing down the monster of greed and violence the leaders of the world order are masterminding.

Can you imagine a working class worker giving money to trump to foster the idiocy of finessed brutality he has to offer.

How do we cope? If you want to change the world around you, you have to change the language.If you want to find what you lost, you have to look in a different place.otherwise you're caught in the eternal repetition cycle. Each generation or every twenty years, new technology throws old ideas into a wringer and they come out smelling like roses but only temporarily, then it all dies.


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