Its Simple.


While reading The IMF connection with the Ukraine Crisis by Probhat Patnaik I was struck by the fact that if one has to invest time and energy into knowing about all the nuts and bolts of how Ukraine is not just a victim of its own hubris, believing that without being invaded it could have been another example of a growing democracy, wanting all the perks of the West and none of the Wests treachery, then life would be simple wouldn’t it?

The IMF is, of course, the monetary arm, or finger, if you must, of the West’s economic fist, giving loans to countries who think they’re punching their own ticket to heaven and just need a boost.

The IMF is always willing to give a boost but with conditions. At first, the conditions seem reasonable, providing incentives to governments to tighten economic monetary policies for the sake of proving that their (IMF) investment is and will remain secure while the country is moved toward austerity and international vulturism rather than altruism, which seems to be what weak countries, and they almost all are weak, want to believe when money reaches out its hand.

In an age of extreme cynicism, many people still believe that money can help all problems.

 The point is that even in the most optimistic scenario—which would require a global ecological revolution on the part of humanity to be achieved, leading to carbon emissions peaking halfway through this decade and net zero emissions being achieved by 2050—the overall climate catastrophe facing humanity will be extremely dire.

The second most optimistic scenario is one of staying below a 2°C increase (somewhere around 1.7°C). It too would require a global ecological revolution. The other three scenarios offered by the IPCC are basically unthinkable, for which the word apocalyptic is appropriate. In fact, we are currently headed toward the IPCC’s most apocalyptic scenario (SSP5-8.5), in which global average temperatures this century would, in the “best estimate,” rise by 4.4°C, which would, according to current scientific assessments, mean the collapse of industrial civilization, raising questions of human survival. In an ominous statement leaked from Part II of the Sixth Assessment Report, on “Impacts,” which will not be published until February, the IPCC says that if humanity is driven into extinction during the “sixth extinction” arising from anthropogenic causes, evolution will not bring the human species back.

Lets look at that for a moment. What it will take.

I can try and unwind anyone’s rendition and breakdown of what is wrong and what is to be done, but Id be fooling myself as well as a few billion people on earth. Our anthropologic scientists tell us that the weather was probably always a factor in determining what we should be afraid of. It couldn’t then and can’t now be fucked with, that is, we can predict what might happen on a weekly or so basis but that’s about it.

Why it happens, now, that’s another matter. No one wants to be caught in a blizzard or a hurricane but neither do farmers and others who depend on some regularity in nature want inconsistent rainfall or constantly wide-ranging seasonal changes.

We’ve built parts of our societies on certain truths and those truths have become entrenched in our beliefs, institutions, and trust in how the world works, our world, the natural world. That’s the spiritual side of the coin. What’s the other side? Well, we’ve come to believe that rather than us changing our demands, needs, and belief in our scientist’s exceptional ability to create technology to compensate for any problem, we have fallen on the sword of MONEY will resolve and solve any crisis. Look how we wage war-weapons, sanctions, technological advancement all supposedly make up for our real lack of imagination and humility.

Lets face it, the world is run by masculinity, patriarchy, and the irrational philosophy of right makes might and might makes men.

All of this is too subtle for me most of the time, yet at other times I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, which I hope doesn’t mean I’m going to die, right now.

It’s simple. Without everything I’ve learned through intelligent reading, conversation, experience, and just looking the fuck up out of my own belly button, I’ve concluded that I’m no different than the cowboygirl, the steelworker, truck driver, maid, dd, brothersister, 8 to 5er, wing and night shifters all over the world, maybe even the mad hatters and made haters.

We’ve all gotten so used to letting everyone else think about what needs to be done, the professional politician, scientists, and MONEYMAKERS, we’re willing to suffer, suffer, suffer without consent. Real Change happens from the bottom up and guess what, we are at the bottom of the heap.

MONEYMAKERS, MONEYCHANGERS< WEAPONS MAKERS. It’s a simple equation. If we allow the MONEY to control the politician, make the demands on us, decide, essentially, who lives, who dies, then we all deserve what we get. And believe me, we will GET WHAT WE DESERVE


So what does all this have to do with the IMF or Climate Change? Just one thing, one rule to live by. When your nation, your politicians, your police department, your banks, your armies all come knocking at your door, trying to sell you the same product, you’re being snookered, you’re being used.

It's as simple as that. JUST SAY NO!


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