2024 road to future

2024 Road to the Future


In 2024 the nation will elect or reelect its president. It may seem a long way off but the midterms of 2022 are right around the corner and they may set the tone of the general election to come.

Although sometimes it may seem like the nation is in trouble, sometimes not so much, however when we look at the world at large, and not "through a soda straw" as Donald Rumsfeld was apt to say, we can see the large picture the USA pretends does not exist or the picture it merely gives lip service to.

Fascist and authoritarian personalities have come to the forefront of both american and worldwide politics when discontent with the status quo from left and right is high. Ever since covid, the end of the war in afghanistan, the beginning of the war in ukraine (and the beginning of a new cold war), straining of the relationships between world powers, economic policies, global climate change warming as well as warnings, all give rise to a worldwide concern and fear of a dire future, not to mention the internal dynamics within nations regarding the rise of white supremacy, cultural, religious, ethnic divisions, gun violence.

This podcast would concentrate on the American political system's ability or inability to manage its own internal issues as well as its own self-defined leadership role in the world's political theater by using the 2024 general election as a backdrop for both progressive and regressive/fascist/reactionary development.

More on this later.

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