Worship of Hope

The worship of hope and the denial of contradiction is probably the anarchist greatest dilemna. Anarchism is more of a state of mind than a well regulated  political theory that constantly is straitjacketed with unchanging definitions and rigid constructs about how to organize a movement. Like communism and not capitalism, anarchism is reliant upon the natural human desire to buck authoritarian trends rather than establishing progressive political trends and agendas. And like all philosophy, anarchism is based on some sort of moral, social etiquette but being anti- authoritarian rather than authoritarian in nature is well suited to breaking away from stale and unsuccessful attempts to revolutionize society. And it is only revolution that will change social constructs, which are only progressive if pliable and changeable. Once, someone puts up a fence, as Voltaire says, and the others go around rather than through, the revolution is dead until the fence comes down.

Progressives worldwide have taken up the belief that democracy in a sort of pure sense is the new revolutionary methodology, based on Hope (wishful thinking or magical thinking) and the denial of reality (natural contradiction). Think Big seems to be the mantra for most politicians and so-called revolutionaries. If anyone believes the Build Back Better 3.5 trillion package, is going to be even partially acceptable without outright bribery, has got to be believing in the illusion of the era.

There is only one struggle for the anarchist and that is how to juggle the growing society's seeming desire to become a completely authoritarian state by repeatedly reinventing the notion that if the government supplies money in the right place combined with a personal belief (hope) that the authoritie's who has historically proven themselves to be ineffectual are going to solve society's problems without involvement of the people themselves.

Why anarchists haven't even attempted to resolve this main "political" question except by creating realistic and experimental social-civil societies rather than mainly personality cult communes or random urban/rural intentional communities, associations loosely based on non-political philosophies and charities, I don't know. 

Revolution is more than trashing any existing institutions without believing in any true recognition that there can be something better.

We are at the point in the worlds history where there is no longer an agreed understanding between the different sides of any political dicsussions. Even within movements, so called progressive movement, feminist, working class, others, there are splits, disagreements that paralyze progress. These divided elements are a regression toward more authoritarian institutions. 

Are you feminist because you think a womens plight is the worst thing imaginable? Or merely a humanist because you think everybody is up shit creek without a paddle? Or maybe you're a humanist because it keeps you from acknowledging the special plight of women, black, brown, queer, poor white, working class?

Should i be more concerned about what africans do to other africans, what latin american dictators do to their own people, or is the entire repetoire of oppression based on what primarily white offshoots of european civilized colonizers, idolators, settlers, and countries with no national inhumanity restrictions do to their own indigenous, black, brown, citizens?

The use of fear to construct the worship of authoritarian personalities, tribes, communities, towns and nations came out of religious and other belief systems and didn't matter whether it was voodoo or catholicism, whether it was medicine man or priest, whether or not it was conqueror or conquered.

It seems to me we're all pretty fucked up, not knowing which way is up, down, right or wrong. We have to have more than Hope, we have to have real change, and we have to be the ones to make real change, or somebody else will, who might not make the change we want. We live in one of the most authoritarian nations on earth but we don't live in the most fascistic, wartorn, beleagured nations, YET.

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