Three ways fascism affects us

The three ways fascism influences daily lives without really realizing it.

Freedom to read- libraries, one of the main providers of reading for the public, are pressured by city and local governments to cenosr materials. Textbooks, especially in pre college courses, dominated by local school boards composed of religious, nationalistic, and racist influencers. Publication standards have always been influenced by invisible standards of profit, will it sell, rather than intersectional relationships to the society at large.

Education-mentioned above, education and curriculum in general, are all determined by local business, religious, and traditionally minded cultural restrictive forces. Much of the education system at the local level is so generic that it hardly relates to developing practical and critical thinking skills.

Morality- though morality is an always abstract and arguable term, there is one fascististic concept that slips past most thinkers on the subject, our social and cultural upbringing and development, even as adults, is based on using violence as a tool of submission rather than empathy, compromise, negotiation, communication, non-violent resolution.

The truth is we have been programmed, just like any AI, to do the bidding, without thinking, of established authoritarian personalities, who take their tasks more seriously than we do.

We let the system go on because weve spent our early years adapting and accomodating and sharpening our survival skills, regardless of our race, cultural, religious disabilities. Since color, feathers in your hair, what type of god you believe in, an entire set of circumstances has to be created along the winding path to what amounts to try to reach a maximum level of successful living, or more bluntly, surviving.

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