Pigs are smart

Okay. Pigs are smart. So are dogs, especially our own dogs, like our children theyre always smart and show lots of promise early on. We see them as finished products, and then an odd thing happens, life happens. But i still wince inside when my adult children, other adults tell me how well the children are doing- good grades, play soccer, have plans for good colleges, the whole success gambit, so why do i wince. Because i know life happens in such a way for each individual that everyone runs into obstacles, and the truth is, we can only hope those obstacles dont become dead stops.

With billions of dollars thrown at the homeless problem, someone is going to look at the failure of actually resolving any part of the problem. Is it really that complicated to figure out? 

Its because the actual problem, or reason, for homelessness has never been honestly evaluated. Its the same reason that many other economic disparity issues cant be resolved. Because we (sic) believe that money solves all problems. What happens to the money, nearly all those billions have gone to consultants, experts, politicians, corporate interests, construction, architects, those billions, rather than going toward a population in desperate need, has gone toward the lifestyle of our resoundingly solid capitalist system, which if you dont know it yet, or REALIZE ( realization) is based on profit, a euphemism for greed.

And no, sorry all you reactionary and progressive people, im not talking about small business enterprises, who always get all the blowback about capitalism, but im saying the rich, wealthy corporate business practices embedded in all our social, political, legal institutions.

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