Top Secret

The law has always been more about governance of the oppressed. And belief in the illusion that the law gives us freedom rather than takes it away. It's a Secret how the law really works. Does the world need so many lawyers, justices, and enforcers? It's like the proverbial infinite number of monkeys typing out the entire repertoire of jurisprudence.

There is no rule of law for the rich and those in power. The percentage of the top one percent being punished is absolute zero. Trials for treason at the top go on and on and wind up on the cutting room floor, usually with monetary slaps on the wrist while people like Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and many others waste away. 

If Julian Assange had just put those documents he obtained into his garage, house, mansion, he could have saved himself alot of trouble. What was in those precious documents is no longer a secret and, in fact, no one, except a few liberals, certainly no one in congress or the presidency or the military cares, so it only proves the law is more about severity of punishment in relationship to the further you go down the ladder toward the bottom, where there, injustice is meted out more harshly.

For it seems possession of top-secret documents without authorization to possess them is okay if you once had power, prestige, or acrimony against the government but for others, it leaves a dangling participle of a math question: is possession nine-tenths of the law or is publication 100% of the crime?

It is an axiom that it is easier to punish a dirty man for being unclean than a clean man for being without morals.

Lawyers are of course the supposed spiritual mediums between the accused and the jailed but more between the law and the large realm of those who could become criminal over any trifle or breaking of social convention. Look at the laws surrounding marijuana and abortion. 

The laws related to our freedom are essentially dead, the ones who say all men are created equal.

Jerry Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, for instance, are/were criminal cross-overs., that is, they are/were not wealthy enough to escape the law ( however, because of their associations with sexual pedophiles and celebrities they worked the axiom long enough), they simply got caught in a maelstrom of righteous anger and the rich were forced to punish their own kind, although many of their friends were and are of the same ilk, politicians, 

It's unfortunate, that, like many other current trends of neo-liberal thinking trying to convince us that we should just let the system work it out, the interpretation of the law has become the darling of non-profit, morality organizations, that rely on donations and small change aphorisms. 

Somewhere along the line, we, the people, have lost our way. The path forward must be stashed away in either the toxic vaults of corporate elitism or political apathy. Stamp it, Top Secret-SIOP-ESI

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