Notes on Democracy

Aren't all the theocracies, dictatorships, authoritarian states including this one, calling themselves Democracies? People throw "democracy" around much in the same way they say " there is a god" as if its crazy to believe otherwise. Is there any difference between Joe Biden, the Pope, or the Ayatollah? Depending on what you believe they all share the power of authority without any real justification for that power other than they got elected (in one form or another). 

Democracy has taken on so many positive/parasitic terms to its self -righteous breast, such as free, equality, and other pc words that have little or nothing to do with actual democracy.

So, what is a democracy according to a dictionary?

"Government by which people hold the ruling power either directly or through elected representatives. Rule by the ruled? (Is that even possible?). "The principle of equality of rights, opportunity and treatment or the practice of this principle."

I can hardly imagine a modern government that truly represents a democracy as defined. Voting restrictions not limited to space but including restrictions on race, religion, level of wealth, property have been and continue to be enacted in every nation on earth. And to believe that the ruled actually rule the rulers they have chosen is pure fallacy.

Its true, any politician or elected official can quickly fall from grace, but rarely for defrauding the people they supposedly represent, which is another fallacy in itself, for the majority of time, most politicians are elected by a minority of registered voters, and certainly, a minority of possible voters. The fact is most people don't vote.

A rationalist can say thats too fucking bad for them, they don't have any right to complain then. No vote. No rights. But it isnt them who do all the hand wringing about whats happening, it's the losers at the polls who are forever complaining about the other side of things. In america it seems, there is a belief that once one side has lost, the battle is not lost, and the war goes on. The only thing we're voting on is whose authority are we going to halfway listen to. Outside of that nothing changes because we've already bought into the system many times over, with waves of one-sided inequality, injustice, policy that shifts like a desert sandstorm. There is no right because what is right today may be wrong tomorrow and no wrong because what's wrong today will be institutionalized and enshrined in tomorrow.

Is iran a democracy and a theocracy? Is brazil a democracy and an authoritarian state? Is cuba a democracy and an autocratic socialist nation? Is america a democracy and a benevolent tongued oligarchy?

Sherin Ebadi, a prominent Iranian woman who was Iran's first court judge in 2006 and awarded the Nobel peace prize in 2003 and who has been in exile since 2008 and who supports current protests angry over the Iranian government murder of a woman who did not wear her hijab.

Over fifty percent in irans university are women.

Forced hijab, life expectancy is 50 percent than men, cannot travel without permission of husband.

She also says in iran most of the prisoners are minorities. This is not exceptional, unless anyone wants to explain why all nations prisons house the minorities of race, ethnic, political dissent.

Is Iran more civilized despite its issues than say, Saudi Arabia, who controls and manages its women life-prisoners much better?

How do we evaluate what happens in other places? Does the left use authority to convey their points as much as the right? Most certainly. Everybody plays to the middleman. Accepting and encouraging revolution in other countries and believing in their own national exceptionalism within their own borders.

Are Irans problems and issues any more serious and immediate than americas? Or any of the other theocracies america supports by NOT having worldwide media coverage on their problems.

Ukraine is another example of this. Zelensky is an ex- comedian who probably only has an ear for Ukraines militant fascist organizations

In all honesty, im not sure of having self-exiled authorities belabor what is ordinary criticism of any and every authoritarian regime throughout the world. Ebadi is in England where Liz Truss just resigned her forty-four-day prime ministership. Western nations, including the US are beset with their own democratic problems, such as voting restrictions amid elections, economic pressures mostly upon low income, working people, inability to stem neo- fascist, violent elements within the society, not to mention the racism

Almost any criticism of foreign prisons by authorities experiencing a plethora of exceptionalism insight is cancelled by the fact that american prisons contain the same anti-humanitarian ideology as every other prison system.

Let's leave revolution in other countries to the revolutionaries. Leaders will emerge and there will be backward and forward progress, as revolutions move forward through time. 

Revolution is like climate change and evolution. Revolution is the gradual emergence of humanitarian reason over the other human traits of reliance on authoritarianism, the belief that following rather than allowing, and the use of violence as a tool of oppressing disagreement.

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