Authority and Fascism

Authoritarianism and fascism.

Fascism is not the end of result of political, social and cultural adversity, but a process of intersecting authority for controlling the public political narrative that is left up to the independently contrived efforts of those personalities espousing political power as a solution to all political, social, cultural, and natural contradictions.

The doctrines of fascism are mainly opportunistic and have little to do with the contrivances of constitutional, legal, or other acceptable or traditional methods for enacting change.

In this way fascism is a revolutionary premise for both right- and left-wing efforts to enact radical change. In pre-mussolini italy both socialists and fascists marched and rioted, sometimes within blocks of each other. Both explored and improvised by marching, striking, violence toward each other, against government, at the same time appealing to a generally inactive, stagnant public to act. Most modern-day dictators and even progressive power seekers utilize these tactics, donald trump being the most representative of the current power seekers, utilizing a specific form of misdirection and misinformation campaigns, proxy violence on the street by gangs and agitated followers, misuse of legal and law enforcement institutions, etc in order to create an atmosphere of confusion, delegitimizing the established political structure.

The belief that the two opposing users of a fascistic approach have opposing views is a complete outlier because neither the left nor the right have any conception, though they say otherwise, of how to build a new society of their liking in the midst of the capitalistic nightmare everyone lives in.

The fascistic mentality then becomes more an exercise in violence, destruction of mostly symbolic representations such as small business, chaos in the public sphere, similar to construction conglomerates tearing down to the ground the old to build the new obsolete with the same ideas and worn-out fixes.

One good example of this is our freeway system originally designed to move people quickly from place to place but almost immediately inadequate due to the number of cars and people so now transportation engineers run in place trying to add lanes, widen streets, do this do that, while in the meantime slowing almost to amstsndstill every fives or so the publics need to get somewhere they really dont need to go.

But its not just cars that we unnecessarily rely on but of course, the oil we ride on, in the industries we depend on, the agriculture we need, the weapns we have to defend ourselves from the primarily russian hordes knocking on our shores.

Its our greed, our fear, our stupidity that sweeps us into the trash heap of timeless lost causes. 

Fascism and all of its mindless, deconstructive tendencies is merely one facet of an anti-revolutionary future because weve allowed authoritarianism in many forms, christian and other religious belief systems that make no sense in a modern world, a disbelief in radical change because we're all so fearful of giving up what we actually dont need, such as old ideas of authority and who or what we need to listen to.

I was watching abc local news the other night and there were a string of repeated anti-abortion advertisements during the commercial breaks that i havent noticed anywhere else yet. For those, like me, who believe that california represents the most influential, though maybe not yet the most progressive, state in the us and this gives it a secure place in the fight against this growing lawless and violent nation, might start noticing that the fight will be pressed from the likes of florida and texas, the two main opponents of any liberalization or progressive values in america.

Are the congressional investigations into the Jan 6th Insurrection merely a sideshow to prove how in america democracy and justice co-exist, yet time and time again the wealthy and powerful cohorts of this insurrection and other political anti-heroes consistently go free, if they're ever held up to their misdeeds at all.

Biden and the democrats are continually trying to re-educate us in the principal that political power is maintained by hope and faith in stagnated legislative procedures rather than executive decision making, before the regulatory legislation of the last several decades was laid to waste, the lack of preparation for the enforcement of regulations portended the demise.

All those out there playing in the fringeland between the animal/natural world and the artificial world created by artificial men, believe they are genuine advocates and supporters of the animal and natural world issues, are playing with fire and rage.

Religion is the first phalange against any change.

We know what we don't want, don't need, don't have but do we have the slightest idea of what we can do, won't do, or can't do? Senseless traditions, institutional stagnation, bad ideas and beliefs are keeping us from moving on into the future with real hope. All we really have are false promises and an extreme gullibility.

Thank you george monbiot.

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