Old News/New News, Whats the Difference?


Old News 12/16/15

The Pentagons recent decision to build a string of military bases in Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Middle East seems like a perfect opportunity for the United States to fully realize it’s world- wide domination and subjugation of everyone. Most countries can barely think about building a compost heap without going through the United States approval process, which usually entails sending John Kerry and a UN representative. Building more military bases is tantamount to acknowledging the eternal war concept but not really conquer any terrorist networks developing anywhere in the world. Back in the day, liberation philosophies were the order of the day so if not military bases to contain the presumed communist threat and developing CIA connections to contain the minority insurrections were the order of the day. Unfortunately, the US can no longer differentiate between liberation, democratic movements, public protest and the surreal definition they have of terrorism. It’s probably not so much it’s definition but the ways in which it is dealt with. We spend so much time, and money, trying to outguess terrorists, we’ve given them superpowers. And once you give them superpowers and guns to go along with it, you’ve relegated yourself to the pretense of defense but a terrorist model offense. If I was a terrorist I would model my strategy straight out of the CIA/Homeland Security/FBI textbook, a book no librarian would ever be able to find.

Yesterday an email sent 640,000 students in LA home from school whereas in New York everyone went about their business with the same threat. I’m not sure which city did the right thing. Whenever I see and hear this ongoing discussion about what to do I wonder more about how the advancement of fascism, through US security policy internationally has come along almost so perfectly, I go back to 9/11 and think of what a beautiful strategy it was. It was beautiful because it’s difficult to understand who were the victims and who were the terrorists in the long run. Since 9/11 the United States has regaled in the fight against Al Qaida, the Taliban, any turncoat dictator it once supported and now doesn’t, and more recently, ISIL. I don’t think anyone, not even a ordinary good Muslim can tell you the difference between any of those above mentioned enemies of the free world. Yet, somehow, military power remains discriminatory.

Along with the string of military bases the United States is giving to the world, Saudi Arabia has strung together it’s own anti-terrorist collaboration with some ambiguous connections in the Arab world. This collaboration between the United States and Saudi Arabia has always been about as ironic a friendship as anything political can be. The United States gave us Al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia gave us ISIL. If there is a caliphate in that part of the world it is already established by Saudi Arabia. We’re always pointing our fingers at Iran, but only with the puppetry of Saudi Arabia.

Listen to this. "The bases could be used for collecting intelligence and carrying out strikes against the terrorist groups far-flung affiliates"

Now if that isn’t a flexible and scary rendition of saying, “We have no boundaries,” I don’t know what is.

I still have a certain amount of faith in the masses, of which here in America, entails the ever growing minorities and poor, but in the rest of the world entails just about everybody else who has been directly affected by the total collapse of free will and social cohesion. This same affect is the primary result in America of total police militarism, which didn’t come about overnight, a total collapse of the economic system with no repercussions for anyone responsible. It’s as if the war on terror and the economic injustice system collided and merged into superstorm Fascista. I don’t think those things happen like the way it does in Nature. They are masterminded by human deviousness.

Here’s food for thought. Call me crazy, I don’t care. There are two things that have happened that changed the world so drastically in my lifetime that came about through “unusual” normal seeming series of events.

The first was 9/11 but not in the way you might think. In the 2000 presidential election, the election was decided by the Supreme Court. That in itself was unusual but was the decision reasonable. Supposedly, we lived in a democratic society, where the president, in this case, is elected by delegates from the electoral college, who represent the “democratically” chosen candidate of that state. Reasonably, the decision should have gone back to the state (Florida) to recount or recast their votes. Why? Because we are a constitutional democracy. Conservatives bitch all the time about how the Supreme Court makes law, taking away Congress’ constitutional right to do that. The decision in this case had no basis in law because there was no standard for a national election outcome to be determined by a decision by the Supreme Court. Why not a recount? Because of time and money. Time, or the lack of it, is an integral part of the way the United States makes foreign and domestic policy. It is decision making on steroids. If countries have personalities which I think they do, the United States would be the one that makes a decision without the facts (kind of like Donald Trump) hmm and then goes about proving itself by eliminating any controversy by eliminating opposition through lies or force. A recount would have taken too long, was too costly, demonstrated weakness in the democratic structure so we get George Bush as president because the Supreme Court says so. I know there are people who say that George Bush was behind 9/11 but I say it was the people behind George Bush that caused 9/11.

Jump ahead eight years, two wars, the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, and what do you get just before the 2008 presidential election. I’ll admit I didn’t think George Bush was going to leave the presidency. I thought he would enact some presidential decree, putting himself and his cabal in charge until this terror thingamachig is taken care of. But it happened so much better than that. A instantaneous world- wide crisis that supposedly no one in power saw coming, or if they did, then they ignored it, just like 9/11, a crisis that would tie the hands of any one of the two major presidential candidates. It didn’t matter which one it was. The differences between the two would have been slightly different during their respective constituencies but not enough difference to make a difference. And, most importantly, there is no time to decide or create or even to politicize, immediacy being the order of the day. In eight years, we got 9/11, a war in Iraq, a war in Afghanistan, a catastrophic economic meltdown, all beyond our pale to truly deal with, and the American public is left looking like a helpless child as it’s parents kill each other.

So the new president is saddled with the old order, the one without hope because hope has been erased. The problem is a world- wide disorder, both economic and military, created by the nations and philosophies that engendered it and who are participating in it.

So we have two events, two events that have brought us to the brink, and ironically, again, the american democratic process has given us no new ideas or fostered no new thinking, except the one real fascist in the bunch, Donald Trump, who appeals to that great american ideal, the closet haters,  If there is even more irony, other candidates represent the old order so much, it makes me wonder if america is even unique. Even Canada has another Trudeau, we can have another Clinton or Bush. Three names out of three quarters of a billion people.

In the meantime, Venezuelan revolution, Cuban revolution, Euro-pean revolution have presented the old order with no modern liberation philo sophies. Why? Because revolution is in the head and we’ve been lobotomized. If anyone thinks social media is going to revolutionize society, they’ve never looked at Bill Gates nor Mark Zuckerberg.

The fact of the matter is that “a string of military bases” is the wall that democrats say is unnecessary and conservatives say should go up between Mexico and the US. The Wall is going up no matter what anyone wants to admit. All politicians are complicit in the military state. National security has taken precedence over every aspect of domestic social order. Black lives matter can attest to that. It’s like the slave is the only one who can tell us about slavery. The slaver merely thinks of it as legitimate ownership. The same goes for any other issue currently alive here in America. They say it’s a matter of perspective, yet everything is defined by those who have no idea what it’s like to live here. Most people, recent immigrants don’t participate in our so called democracy because they already know they don’t have a voice in the decisions that pertain to them. So what if the guy you vote for as president wins when nothing he does makes a real difference. So what if he opens up Cuba, or abandons Guatanamo, or signs a climate change agreement two decades after it should have been done. Progress is more like catch up to reality than it is moving forward from this point on. Progress is recovering the two steps back rather than taking two steps forward after that. Cuba and Guatanamo should have never happened. The War in Iraq should have never happened. I’m not concerned about what Isis … but what decisions are being made right now, like a string of military bases or what decisions will be made tomorrow by some neo-fascist president who believes that he/she has gotten the go ahead from the military to build a string of bases. All I see is more money spent, more moral decisions about who is going to be left out rather than who is going to be silent.


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