As One Human Life Goes and the Atrocities Mount…



As one human caused atrocity mounts upon another and nature seems to be zeroing in on the human dilemma of just keep on doing everything the same way, just in case the main truth in life is Repetition rather than Love, Truth or Justice, we'll either succumb to emotional overload or straight out overkill. The possibilities of some kind of war are increasing, and plausibility as well as redemption of an actual government that resembles whatever ideal we had of one seems unlikely.

The fact of the matter with me is, that I no longer trust my government nor rely on it to give myself credibility. I've worked hard and earned my keep, nearly everybody has. And those who for whatever reason have not, then based solely on their existence as human beings they deserve to reap some of what the great majority have produced.

That's simple. But I do not trust my culture either. It is a culture based on skin color privileges as well as a hierarchical system of justice. Within each race resides the meaningless self -importance, either taught by suppression or by glorification. It is a culture that puts more value on things than on existence, and where existence is worshipped, it is based on nationalism, racism, and all the isms. Our value as human beings is purely speculatively, arbitrarily divine and based in commodity currency and international monetary policies. What is more contradictory than that?


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