Dear Joe and Kamala by Allred Black


Dear Joe and Kamala.

The election is over, I voted for you despite my usual misgivings about voting at all. However, I usually make some last-minute rationalization that I can use for the moment I enter the voting booth or drop my ballot in the mail. Sometimes it's what or who's on the local ballot but this time I denied my misgivings believing I would help in derailing the Trump revolution, yet realizing the government part of his revolution will be severed, he is a multi-headed monster that will not be eradicated nor slowed much by the election results. I must admit I'm in California so it really doesn't make much difference anyway, does it?

But now I can complain.

I don’t expect you to do much. You, Joe have always been a virulent yet subdued nationalist, anti- communist as well as one of those politicians that thinks socialism and communism are the same thing. I think it’s the catholic in you. You know, where most of us raised in the rigid principles of catholicism have moved on to accept abortion to some extent, denied the overkill of fastidious regulation we lived with such as eating meat on friday, believing confession is not only good for the soul but will help you get to heaven, all the things that we’ve waited decades for the Church /Pope to decree in our favor.

The same applies here in politics. Progressives for centuries have waited for the powers who are and those to be to stop trying to control and let us be.

After all, it’s not all about money but you and the people before you have always made it so. When al-quada attacked new york, the only response was to go to war against an unseen enemy by pouring all our resources into weapons, deceptions, and deceit, the same thing we did in vietnam which i'm pretty sure you supported in some sort of way, other than going over there with a gun and a purpose.

But that’s not the reason I’m writing this. I’m writing this because soon you will be inaugurated along with the First African-American, Asian woman as Vice -President, and will get a tremendous push into history for that alone.

That is admirable but insufficient to get the job done. America loves to be first but almost always is not in the running as much as it believes it is. We already know women can run nations and if we weren’t so blindsided by our own importance in the world our children would already know. The same with African-American, a racist descriptive term, if there ever was one. As if all Africans are the same. We don’t describe ourselves as Irish Americans or German Americans, and those are just nationalistic terms whereas we all should be calling ourselves African-German or African-Scottish anyway because we all originated from one African genetic group and spread out from there.

So it’s all about culture and there are a thousand thousand cultural traditions, beliefs, and rituals in this world and again, although America likes to think of itself as the master of all modern cultures, it really is master of none. As a matter of fact, American culture itself is imbued with such violence and internecine contradictions it can barely get along with itself, much less anyone else.

The Genghis Khan of the modern world.


You got my vote but you don’t have my heart and soul.

So Joe and Kamala, wherever you are, you’ve accomplished the stimulus package, jammed the Infrastructure Part 1 bill through, without getting rid of that “talk, talk, talk” exercise in the Senate that’ll be necessary to get anything the public really needs or wants. Why doesn’t the Senate just force them to talk their fucking heads off, day in and day out and maybe they’ll relent? You’ve inked many executive orders that have either erased the Trump executive orders and yet here we all are, no better and no worse but is that where we want to be? I give you credit for a lot that you’ve done in the last few months but I can’t help believing that it’s same o, same o politics. I know you can’t make this country turn around on a dime, make people non-racist, non-prejudicial and I know that Presidents have only as much power as they’re willing to allow themselves. You can order anything you want, order any salvation you think this country needs but you can’t make anyone swallow the pill, so to speak, or take the vaccine in reality. Enemies will just spit it out the minute you’re not looking.

I really can’t hold either you or Kamala accountable for anything other than the reluctance to take this country by the hand or shove in the direction it needs to go. In case you haven’t really looked around, there’s a backlash of hatred cresting like a tidal wave and that tidal wave comes right from the loins of Congress, the Presidency, and especially, the courts. So called Progress has made it all the more impossible to turn back because turn back is what we need to do. No, not to the days of wine and rose slavery, or wide- spread prejudice and hatred that has permanently disabled this country but the days when ordinary people around the world looked forward to a different kind of future and simplicity and a chance to get away from all the oppressive governments, their militaries, in order to live free.

Where is that place? Like everywhere else there is hardly a piece of land anyone can go to unless it’s a time share or condo or corporate cattle ranch or agribusiness gmo monster farm. Believe it or not, everything is controlled at the top. Mistakingly, right wingers think it’s you, left wingers thing it’s corporations, actually it’s a snarled political net of a fisherman’s nightmare.

Here’s the gist of all history, american or otherwise. No matter how close you come to what your ideal is, the force of opposition will increase until the system breaks down altogether, collapse is always seen as a better alternative because those who do control the resources-food, water, money, media- have it within themselves to paste society back together, with the militaries help, of course.

There’s always been two americas, a socialist oriented one and a dictatorial one. The socialist one is rooted in ideals connected to Equality for All, Humanism, trying to guarantee what every man, woman and child wants, worldwide freedom from the yokes of oppression and authoritarianism. The dictatorial divide wants what every man, woman, and child wants is what every other man, woman, and child wants but can’t have. Why? Because for every man, woman, and child to have what the greedy want is to deplete all the resources, even though we’re heading there now.

There are too many people, thanks to the disingenuous religions that promote Life and Death, prejudice, kill the infidel but save the unborn.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Joe’s anti-socialist, pro-bipartisanship ship he always sails on.
Joe’s constant reminder that he is not a socialist, almost a McCarthy like accusation veiled or couched in the old anti-communist language of so many right wing bullys.

Does Joe believe that nationalized medicine is so extreme, though many free world ally’s have it, that he finds it necessary to create a situation whereby he might get more votes with such a denial? As we know through recent history it doesn’t take much to turn some people’s minds- don’t people say that Trump won because many of the people who voted for Obama didn’t want Hilary so thusly we get Trump.

Joe Biden soft on dictators outside China and Russia. Hard on Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Palestinians, Socialists. He Voted for Clarence Thomas, Voted for Crime Bill, Voted for War. He’s a macho man, except age has tenderized him.

Ok let me see if I have this right.

MBS of Saudi Arabia ordered the murder of an American journalist with a wife and family who are citizens and because we need SA in our pockets were not going to sanction anyone, especially MBS.

Navalny, a right wing demagogue character and Russian citizen with no ties to the US is nearly assassinated by (supposedly) his own government and once recovered is arrested because like his mentor, Donald Trump, can’t keep his mouth shut because he thinks he is going to topple the Russian government simply, again like his mentor, because he has such grandious illusions. Nevertheless, several oligarchs and minor government cogs are being sanctioned.

Biden may have the domestic scene down, mainly because of the covid pandemic, no one has much choice but even then his domestic agenda is beginning to bog down while his international tit-for-tat foreign policy is literally same-o. same-o, translated meaning same o, same o.

That’s the start of my reasoning to never again vote for a DNC product. They are all the same. That is, nearly all. The so-called progressive wing in the house will never generate much more than get out the vote demands and not ever get into power, Their agenda will forever bounce around the fringes of legislation, like similarly as much alike in their methods as agendas for the last three hundred years.

Anyone who believes that slavers and opportunists could write a living document such as the Constitution was supposed to be, should probably just stick with the Bible, Koran, and Torah to run their life.

The defeat of racism in America never got off the ground. Perhaps someone should talk with Elon Musk about that. He’s good with generating wealth but not so much with the needs of people.

But it’s not just about racism. Slavery, genocide, and War are as similar as three peas in a pod.

America will not be able to ever get past its past, never be able to reconcile all the tyrants who have prevailed in its name, nor democracies it has shamed or destroyed. A bully in sheep’s clothing.

I feel sorry for anyone nowadays who wants a seat at the power table. As soon as they sit down their destined to the historical trash heap like many others, better men and women who came along throughout history and ended up as footnotes, if not silent, invisible footsteps to nowhere.

What about Kamala?

Only a real racist, a real anti-feminists of another sort would say that she, being black and a woman, is different than any other (add color or gender preference here) moderate, nationalist, patriotic, incremental change advocate for justice, equality, and anti-socialist agendas that already fill our federal and state political power institutions or those not elected direct our economic, international and domestic policies through wealth and corruption.

Now we shed some light into the dark reality of how Black people play the foil to well- developed political games and ambitions whether it be through ancient traditions like the Monarchy or the tragic hyper- superlative love of American cynicism. Kamala could have been Amie Klobuchar or Kristin Whitmer or Hilary Clinton, any woman resolute and tough enough to become the democratic version of Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski, women who represent only other women who have made it into the boy’s clubs. Prosecutors. Tough symbols of how women will only get as far as men want them to get, women on a leash, because beyond the glass ceiling is the lead ceiling of the tomb we’re burying ourselves in. Call what’s out there Time, Evolution, or Mother Nature, the things we are afraid of, are beyond our control or that don’t really care about our self-proclaimed hierarchy of superiority.

Kamala will have to change or be changed, just like we all must before we, not as Americans, but as Human Beings learn there’s not a dimes worth of difference between us and we throw out all the contrivances, stipulations, prejudices we’ve cemented into our national, cultural, religious pride in order to feel we are alive for a reason other than by Chance and Chance alone.

Like former Pres Obama, Kamala, Joe Biden, go all the way back to the beginning of me political Life, to George McGovern, Eugene McCarthy, even Hubert Humphrey, who I didn’t vote for, the democrats have given us liberals and high minded intellectuals, union bosses, working class idealists, common sense activists, and radical-progressive sensualists kind-hearted, good (for the most part) men (mostly men) to represent us but it wasn’t until this years election when we forgave them for being so reluctant to move this country forward. We elected another slow-mover but it isn’t his fault, it is ours. It is ours. We keep thinking they will take us to the promised land but they never do. We’ve never made the society we wanted and now we don’t know what society we want. From public, free education that taught the same incentivized criteria for believing in untruth and individual ambition and self-centeredness that would ultimately bring public education down. From reneging on the promise of equality of all by fighting the bloodiets war on our soil (thus far) then allowing the slavers to rule rather than run. From reluctance to fight, even against tyranny to the belief that we represent Gods almighty army, warding off the equally misguided principal that Democracy first comes from conquering, then occupying.


America, the supposed land of the free, has remained the same because it is made up of and created by slavers, traditional, over- zealous religionists, irreputable oligarchs (starting with the owners of Jamestown) who always put ownership, property over humanity, idealists who always put going to war to really believing that if their way is truly God’s way then God will take them there to the promised land.

It’s no wonder that Anti-evolutionists such as most religions now use Time as the weapon and reason for impatience. Revenge is sweet only if it’s savored by a chilling forever and no forgiveness.

I’m still trying to figure what the Russians did that Americans didn’t do.


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