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Some Old News -Or Is It? More of the Same-O, Same-O

Americans elected a new president in 2008, a black man, if you haven't heard, which should tell you something about the electorate, but it seems no one listened, not even the man for the job. To elect a black president in a racist country is a phenomenon in itself. It goes to show that there is a small hard core racist core in this country, that essentially has bullied the rest of the country into believing that they have a majority. Despite all the efforts to exclude legitimate voters from the polls, the racists man still did not even come close.

So why can't Obama man up about it all? He wants to represent everybody, including the loud, misshapen extremists of both parties. Americans did not vote for Obama to be Jesus, Marx, or Martin Luther King. They wanted change and so far haven't gotten it. To make matters worse, Hilary Clinton waits on the sideline, warming up in her new set of warmups.

All this brings me to Egypt and democracy and supposed change. The world is headed down the road to hell. Not because of Obama, Clinton, Morsi, and the whole bunch of relocated Jews and Palestinians. No, not because of any of them. The world is going to hell because we don't want to accept the fact that talk is cheap and violence runs deep.

First we wanted democracy in Gaza and then we didn't it because the right people weren't elected. We wanted democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan and are stuck with the same sectarian strife based on religion and misogyny that has always existed. We wanted democracy in Egypt and then we wanted the army to intervene because it wasn't the right kind of democracy. We wanted democracy in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, Vietnam. And then we tried to assassinate or remove elected representatives of those countries. We scream about Cuba not being a democracy, about what a great democracy Israel is, even though large segments of the population can't vote, nor is anyone protected from the land grabbing. It's like the old west there despite all the claims to being a civilized people. They are achieving now what they wanted to but couldn't achieve in 1948.

The entire political worldwide system is corrupt and unmanageable.

Which brings me back to America.

Obama is leading us down the path to Clinton, Clinton will lead us down the path to no change, except for that change no one can control, such as the roadside bomb called the Middle East, or the old minefield called racism, or the air filled drone sky's of spies and lies.

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