Damascus, the center of the World is Killed by its own hand. 

The Burden of 

      Damascus, behold. Damascus is taken away from being a city. 

And it shall be as a ruinous heap of stones.      (Isaiah 17:1) 

Mosul  Gomorrah  Baghdad       Kabul  Sodom  Dresden Sand Creek  Hanoi Hiroshima  Nagasaki  Stalingrad  Gettysburg   

Millions upon millions of lives wasted. 


And for what, merely History’s sake? 


I don’t know about you but it looks like religious war to me. 

Outside Damascus, on bare, low-laying Mt Kassoium 

Which some people in California would call a foothill. 

they say Cain killed Abel here.   

Later, Mohammed stood in that same spot, 

said he wouldn’t venture down 

To the lush green Damascus oasis below  

Because He only wanted to be in paradise once. 

Before and Since then, some offspring of Cain’s 

And some followers of Mohammed’s have made a mess of this paradise, 

Pure and blood simple. 



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